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Original Mind: The Craft of Zen Practice in the West by Zentatsu Richard Baker,  --  Suzuki lecture work in progress Table of Contents alphabetical folders

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This is a quick map of the contents of these pages - alphabetically listed folders in which the site is divided in my Front Page file menu with a link to the main page in that folder and/or the main sections and files in it. - This is a work in progress. There are 1595 (Dec., 2005) files on this site so this is just what I see as the main stuff or what I have gotten to so far.
Updated September 2006, 3-2007, 7-07, 12-29-07 (but lots to do left in making it easier to get around this site). Some files and subfolders are actually in other places but listed for your convenience dear reader. - DC

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(Zen) Aluminati - keeping up with each other
                  Early Tassajara Alumni
                  Alumni memorial page
                  Grahame Petchey and son Mark
                  The Monk with Dysentery
                  see Sangha News below

Archive Projects - mainly about archiving Shunryu Suzuki lectures and fundraising efforts to keep up the work to preserve his legacy - like this web site and the oral and written history of his students and more. Letters of support. Lots of old stuff. Nothing much about what's happening now. - 7/07

Audio - audio files on cuke - not many

Beltane Flowers - my partner Katrinka's flower biz. She mainly does weddings. Live in the North Bay of SF area? Need flowers? Go here.

Bibliography - started with a bibliography of Crooked Cucumber but now that's just a link on this page. Lots of links.
           Roundabout Zen - Recollections of Zentatsu Baker Roshi
           Shunryu Suzuki books - by (from lectures) and about Suzuki
           Books by Dainin Katagiri -  compilations of his lectures
           Ed Brown Books
           Lew Richmond Books
           Dchad books - books by creator of this web site
           Taigen Dan Leighton Books
           John Tarrant Books
           Norman Fischer Books
           Red Pine (Bill Porter) Books
           Shoes Outside the Door - comments and discussion
            Publications (including some listed here)             Way of Eiheiji - the pamphlet that came with the Folkways Album.
Way of Zazen - this whole short book.
           Wind Bells, publication of the SFZC (all102), 1961-2012 - Every page of every Wind Bell plus the Tassajara 25 year anniversary book
Wind Bell excerpts - extensive (new 2017)
Ananda Claude Dalenberg's  Newsletters 1982-91 - Universal Life Friends
Zen Freethinker, Cloud Hidden Friends
(in 2013 scans)
Chronicles of Haiku Zendo Including Memories of Shunryu Suzuki Rosh      i

BPZ - Back Porch Zendo - a page for a tiny zendo in Occidental CA. I don't keep it updated much but it's there.

Comments - this was a busy section at first but not so much in recent years because it was too much work and what is used tends to show up in other places.
     Eric Arnow's Letters from Thailand and Burma the main thing recently. - 07

Contents - the section this page is in. See Comments on Contents.

Contests - there have been three.

Crooked Cucumber - biography of Shunryu Suzuki
              Notes on Crooked Cucumber - almost no notes yet but the whole book is there
             Errata - mistakes and comments on them.
             Jacket notes
             Author notes (hardly anything-need to spend about a year on this)
             Events (long past),  Older Events (way long past)
             Bibliography from book.
             Photographs in the book

Cucumber Project - preserving the legacy of Shunryu Suzuki
            Interviews - lots of them - of people who knew or studied with Shunryu Suzuki or who at least were around. Includes many interviews with Japanese family and associates.
            Lectures - just a few Shunryu Suzuki lectures with a new one going up about once a month and the old one coming down because SFZC doesn't want to post a bunch of them on the web as yet. There are a few lectures of special interest that stay.
                          Suzuki quotes in Crooked Cucumber with link to more.
                          Posts pertaining to Shunryu Suzuki lectures
                          Lecture work in progress or done since 2012  
            Brief Memories - of Shunryu Suzuki
            Film and Audio - not mch - most of this is on
            Graphics - and portraits
            Mitsu - Mitsu Suzuki Sensei, Shunryu's widow
            Richard Baker
            Other - So far just sections on people from back then
                         Ananda Claude Dalenberg - early Zen, Pure Land Buddhis
                         Elsie Mitchell - a matriarch of American Buddhism
                         Koshin Ogui - Jodo Shinshu priest, bishop
                         Betty Warren - RIP - one of the first students
                         Hoitsu Suzuki - Shunryu's son, dharma heir, in Japan
                         Niels Holm - Danish builder, thinker, visionary, artist
                         Phillip Wilson - athlete, artist, monk, much more
                         Sokoji section
                         Stanford Sati Conference on Suzuki
                         History - SFZC, City Center,
                         Tassajara history - Esselen Indians
           Reflections on Shunryu Suzuki - comments, writings, poems, music
           Shunryu Info - links to brief bio, chronology of his life,
                                   excerpts from books and articles by others, more

                        Crooked Cucumber Comes to America - Suzuki's life
            Shunryu Letters and some calligraphy and doodles
            Shunryu on Shunryu - interviews with, lectures by Shunryu Suzuki on his life
            Shunryu Suzuki Legacy Project.
            Stories - of Shunryu Suzuki mainly. A lo of it like the newer Brief Memories.

Current Events/Engaged Buddhism - Many sub pages and links, for instance:
                    Rigged Elections
                    Taigen's Peace and Justice Page
                    Harm Reduction
                    Iran Attack
                    Species Threats - nuclear war, meteor collusion, global warming
Climate Change - the main page in this section since 2012

DCHAD index - DC material
         Family and Friends - incomplete
                      Ahdel - DC mother
           Writ - DC writing Index
                         Fred Kimball, Psychic Friend
                         Freedom Songs - awakening to social justice - 1963-4
                         GFP - To Find the Girl from Perth, a novel w/songs,illustrations
                         India Trip Notes - 2011 writing from Tamil Nadu
                        Japan Stories
                        Mexico-SA - 1965-6
                        Misc - various ramblings of DC - many
                        Short - various pieces written through the years
                        And much more

Dchad Writ - writings since some time in 2013
          Saunters - 2013-14 trip notes
          dc misc 4 - for various other
          other recent
writings listed on DC writing Index

Death and Dying
           Santhara - fasting to death with dignity

Decomposition - an anthology of poetry about mushrooms by son Kelly - now moved to cuke-annex

Development - GOALS for 2008 -

Digressions - stuff not related to Zen or Suzuki
          ECC - Election Countdown Calendar Dot Com - for the 2004 presidential election

Do-it - Section for 2012 fund drive to support this site and DC work to preserve the legacy of Shunryu Suzuki

Donate to the Crooked Cucumber ARchives

Excerpts/Articles - by others on Buddhism and this and that
also see Other section below

Fauna Ahimsa - doing as little harm as possible - undeveloped section

Flash - Information page for Shunryu Suzuki Offline Archive

Fundraising - proposal of October 2005 to raise money to support the Zen Alumbrella which includes this site. Also, May 2005 how to donate to this site and work DC does.

Images - a folder for images spread around

Links - to related and some not so related web sights.
          dharma groups in Suzuki's lineage
          web sites by Tassajara alums

LTWA - The Library of Tibetan Works and Archives

Miscellaneous Files in
        included cuke basket - tee shirts and other items to support cuke

New - What's new now with links to what was new before. A way to see how this site grew and developed. This is the most important page to use to keep up with what's happening with this site. This link starting in 2015 goes to the cuke blog which links with

Was New - A page of links to past years' What's New pages going back to 1999.

Others - various contributions by others - as of 12/07

PDF-2013 - Cuke archives scanned and presented in a number of folders, most of which needs further organizing and are linked to from various places on cuke.

A, B, C, D, E, F, G, H, I - misc documents
Bob Watkins - 13 documents
Ananda's Newsletters
CC - Crooked Cucumber related documents
Japanese - material in Japanese
Richard Baker - not much there yet
Post - PDFs gathered after the 2013 run [not yet]
Prior - PDFs gathered prior to 2013 [pending]
Thank You and Okay! related
SRL - All Shunryu Suzuki lectures from Wind Bells (same page as below)
Wind Bell - 1961-2012 - Complete (same page as above)
SR Letters - Shunryu Suzuki letters
ZC Board Notes - from the Suzuki era

People - new from April 2011 - a hub for people with various links on and off cuke

Photos - There are photos all over but no way to know where to go except for here and it's not much help.

Sangha News
             Darlen Cohen (rip)
             Elizabeth Tuomi (rip)
             Kobun Chino  (rip)
             Philip Whalen (rip)
             Niels Holm (rip)
             Philip Whalen (rip)
             Suzuki Roshi birthday bash
             Early Tassajara Alumni Reunion
             see Zen Aluminati above

Taigen - Taigen Dan Leighton Zen and Peace and Justice

Tassajara Fire History

THE - a silly book project - now moved to cuke-annex

Thank You and OK! an American Zen Failure in Japan - DC's first book. New edition published by Shambhala, May 2007.

The Arts - new - 08
            Art art - new 3-08
            Film-video - new 2-08
            Music - new 2-08
            Writing - new 4-08

Brian Victoria - the conscience of Japanese Zen exposing a dark side.

ZC Stories - Stories from Tassajara, the City Center and earlier Sokoji, and Green Gulch Farm - not much here, mainly spread all over cuke, a more recent idea.

Zen is Right Here, Shambhala, fall 2007 - vignettes on Suzuki by DC (includes the whole book)

ZMBM - for Zen Mind, Beginner's Mind, the first book of Shunryu Suzuki's lectures

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