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The Cucumber Project

The Cucumber Project is the ongoing task of preserving the legacy of Shunryu Suzuki - his lectures, memories of his teaching, Zen Center, the whole scene when he was around, the oral and written history. I continue interviewing new subjects and getting the prior interviews in order, in the archive, and up on the project’s web site,, as well as attending to a host of other work that tells the story of Suzuki and those who came in contact with him. I seek lectures and photos not yet in the archives at the SF Zen Center. is another archive area that currently attracts about up to a thousand visitors a day (as of May '07). There is still an enormous amount of work to do on the Cucumber Project. There's also work to do in describing what it is.

The Cucumber Project folder in contains the following folders and subfolders in the alphabetical table of contents. I don't put those links here so I just have to update it in one place. But has many other folders which are a part of this octopusoidinal endeavor.

Here's how you can donate to the Cucumber Project and also there's a lot more here written on what the goals of this noble endeavor are.

Thanks for your interest.

David Chadwick

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