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The Way of Eiheiji: Zen Buddhist Ceremony

A two record box set put out by Folkways Records in 1960
Created by Elsie and John Mitchell                                              

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This booklet is presented also at Terebess here - and includes the audio.

box_cov.jpg (43837 bytes)Record box cover 
text on cover:
The Way of Eiheiji: Zen Buddhist Ceremony
Notes by Mrs. Elsie P. Mitchell
Recorded in Fukui Prefecture, Japan
by John Mitchell
Under the Supervision of Rev. Tetsuya Inoue

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Record box back cover

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bk cov.gif (66570 bytes)Booklet 
that accompanies the record set
by Elsie Mitchell

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The Way of Eiheiji - Entire booklet to accompany the recordings - 2013 scan.

Read the booklet included with the record set

Brief comments by DC

Cover  (OCR approximate version)

Text - by Elsie Mitchell

Sutras and chants in English

Sutras and chants in Chinese characters

Glossary - English and Chinese characters

See the enlarged glossary

See the enlarged Chinese character list

View the photos from this booklet

Listen to a sample of the recordings [not yet]

Read about the creation of these recordings in article on Elsie Mitchell.

This music is now sold in cassette, CD, and now downloadable digital form through Smithsonian Folkways Recordings
 - go to information on ordering -

A Smithsonian Folkways link to Japanese Buddhist Ritual from various sources.


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