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 * Autobiographical and some Historical Material
in Suzuki lectures - 
through 1968 - 1969 - 1970 - 1971

* Peter Schneider's Interview one with Suzuki - Redican transcript of DC's transcription.

 * Shunryu Suzuki Lecture on why he became a priest and came to America

 * Peter Schneider's Interview two with Suzuki

 * Peter Schneider's Interview three with Suzuki during the regular Sunday lecture. This is 69-11-09.

 * Suzuki's Curriculum Vitae

 * Shunryu Suzuki on his life in Japan - composite made around 1999 from Peter's Schneider's interviews.

 * Shunryu Suzuki on his life in America   - composite made around 1999 from Peter's Schneider's interviews.

Nona Ransom in Suzuki's interviews

 * Shunryu Suzuki & Richard Baker on Pacifica Radio about Zen Mt. Center.

Autobiographical and some Historical Material
in Suzuki lectures - through 1968 - 1969 - 1970 - 1971

1-19-07 - Getting this section up today, using for starters Bill Redican's verbatim  versions of these interviews and lectures - or his entering of DC close to verbatim version into the ZC archive.

Why on earth haven't I gotten all this presented better before. It's the core historical material for the whole archive. Oh well. What I call Peter Schneider's Interview 3 with Suzuki is listed in the verbatim archive as 69-11-09v. Up till today, I've had an inferior version of this interview on the site mixed in with Peter's other two interviews and edited so that the material on various subjects is together. What I used was based on an old transcription of the tape before the verbatim lectures were made. I just found the verbatim version - which I didn't realize existed - by searching for "old girlfriend" with Google Desktop. I remember when Bill Redican sent me this I was busy with Crooked Cucumber and read it for vital info and tucked it away somewhere and forgot about it. For years I keep having vague memories of stuff like this that I need to find - to do a major reorganization and go through of tons of stuff to find. I've been thinking of getting this essential part of cuke and the archives more together by digging around like this and have just kept putting it off to do something else - somewhat because it tied in to a vaster plan. One thing I've been saying I wanted to do, again for years, is to go over all of Suzuki's lectures again (after spending time making sure as many as I could locate were all together), taking notes on historical info like this and going over all my notes and letters and emails and Crooked Cucumber to come up with a more complete picture of his life - too big for a book. And from all this I thought it would be good to do a study called Notes on Crooked Cucumber. But that would also include notes on his teaching which is of far greater import. But it all ties together in a fascinating way. - DC

1-05-15 - See excerpt from this page and comments.

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