Excerpts from books about or mentioning Shunryu Suzuki or SFZC (only a fraction of what there is - please let me know about more - need to update-DC)

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7-30-11 - Excerpts related to Shunryu Suzuki from Zen Questions: Zazen, Dōgen, and the Spirit of Inquiry, by Taigen Dan Leighton © Wisdom Publications, 2011 (November)

7-29-11 - Shunryu Suzuki and the Lotus Sutra in American Zen - an excerpt from Visions of Awakening Space and Time: Dogen and the Lotus Sutra by Taigen Dan Leighton, 2008.

1-05-12 - Introduction to The Teacup and the Skullcup: Chögyam Trungpa on Zen and Tantra by David Schneider, 2007

1-22-14 - SFZC, Tassajara in The 60s Communes: Hippies and Beyond, 1999

Many excellent Stories about Suzuki by Ed Brown from his 1997 book Tomato Blessings and Radish Teachings: Recipes and Reflections

A description of the Human Be-in from Peter Coyote's Sleeping Where I Fall, 1997

Zen Mind, Beginner's Mind in Ambivalent Zen : One Man's Adventures on the Dharma Path by Lawrence Shainberg, 1997

from Stephen and Ina May Gaskins' books

From Edward Conze's 1979 autobiography The Memoirs of a Modern Gnostic kindly sent by Rick Levine.

From Sun Buddhas, Moon Buddhas: a Zen Quest by Elsie Mitchell, 1973 - on Amazon

An excerpt from The New Religions by Jacob Needleman, 1970

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