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All of the early one page and few page Wind Bells are posted separately with OCR so can be searched though poor quality of early ones negates that but not entirely.
All lecture selections for the first few years are based on notes. Recording began midway through 1965.
* p.# refers to the page in the Wind Bell where the Suzuki lecture is found.
Tassajara 25 Year Book at the bottom

Thanks to Clare Hollander for scanning Wind Bells through 1973 and Warren Lynn the rest.

Posting these Wind Bells PDFs starting 8-18-13 - all up on 3-13-14.

Thanks to Peter Ford for working with these PDFs so that now the first four years are individually presented rather than in a group, reducing the file sizes, and making them OCR so they can be searched.

Various people edited these selections through the years but the Wind Bell almost never printed any attribution. Early on, Trudy Dixon and Richard Baker, from 68 for a few years Peter Schnider and Tim Buckley. After that Mel Weitsman did a lot. Surely many others. - dc

The marks on these lecture PDFs are mine from past perusing. - dc
Thanks to Clare Hollander and Warren Lynn for the original scans
Thanks to Peter Ford for preparing this page

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