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David Chadwick April 2012 appeal for support.

November 2012 Fundraising Drive Notes


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Crooked Cucumber Archives fund is administered by Pacific Zen Institute head teacher John Tarrant and Michael Katz

We pledge to use your donation wisely. There's low overhead, a big bang for the buck, and tons of reporting on the work that's getting done.

You can specify how your donation is used. Just note on your check or in a PayPal message one of the following categories:
audio work (to improve the quality of Suzuki lecture audio) up to $5000
- AW is working on this as of 2011.
transcribing (Suzuki lectures and interviews with his students) up to $3000
- Layla Smith is working on this as of 5-28-12
secretarial assistance (to help organize archive material) up to $3000
- no one yet.
equipment and storage - up to $4000
online expenses - up to $1000
3-20-13 - DC salary - so David Chadwick can pay rent, eat, etc. suspended indefinately as of December 2012. See note below.

Living expenses for time spent in Texas [see Ahdel] Dec. 2012 and 2013 covered by Ahdel's estate so that the Cucumber Archives account balance has increased and is only being used to cover expenses directly related to this work such as storage, online, and computer costs.

Money amounts are approximate. Small amounts help a lot.

As of 5-28-12 enough donations have come in to keep project afloat through September without spending anything on audio and transcribing so we're looking for targeted donations in those areas.

PZI Appeal for Funds

When a donation is received, a thank you note good for your tax deduction will be sent promptly.

Here's a flyer for the Oklahoma retreat to benefit the Crooked Cucumber Archives with all the necessary info. Thanks Frank! (Special thanks for mentioning my books though it should be noted that To Shine One Corner of the World is now called Zen Is Right Here.) - dc

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November 2012 Fundraising Drive Notes

11-14-12 - November is fundraising month for the Crooked Cucumber Archives (CCA) but so far have only been able to get around to writing notes like this. Getting a new Netbook set up has been imperitive since the old one barely got started last time (turned off all sleep functions and it's been full on during this transition. There are time consuming compatibility issues with programs I'm used to and Windows 7. Moving storage from Santa Rosa to San Rafael is taking time but is going to be a big plus to have it all nearby and spread out where things can be found. And then keeping the daily posts going here and keeping up with volunteers and communications. Not complaining, just explaining. - dc

11-08-12 - November is cuke survival month. We want to continue. Please Donate

Must force myself to take time and energy from getting cuke tasks done with the lecture work and oral history in order to have the funds to keep going.

Still, got archives moved yesterday from packed Santa Rosa space to more spacious storage in San Rafael where they will be near and neatly arranged - taken out of their can and spread out. There's more moving and organizing to do but this is a great start.

11-07-12 - Post election November is cuke survival month.
We want to continue. Please Donate. More to come on this. Thanks. - dc