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Audio of DC that should probably be erased:

A couple of talks DC gave in Chicago recently can be found on this page of the the Ancient Dragon Zen Gate site - Sept. 25 - Comments on Suzuki Roshi and Sept. 26 - Zen in Japan and America. I take it all back. - dc

Austin ZC dharma talks page. DC talk there 1-21-12.

There's one on the Tricycle audio dharma page. Maybe it came from a talk at Gil Fronsdal's group in or near Mt. View.

6-14-12 -  talking to Erik Davis on Expanding Mind on the Progressive Radio Network.

FILM/VIDEO of DC that should probably be burned:

a film named Refuge

Brad Warner did a video interview with me while I was with him in Akron 9-13-11. Here it is on YouTube.

and Present - Zen Failure with Mel Van Dusen - Here's the Present web site.

got a credit in

DT Suzuki: a Zen Life - advised, suggested people to interview, helped get some money. See letter.

Bharat, the Chariot of Knowledge.- see this page with a bit on the film and this one with stills. I need to write about this in India Trip Tales. Great experiences with these guys.

Live Nude Girls Unite! - all I did was to suggest friend Blaise Smith do their music.

Then there's me singing Travelin Alone at the Austin Zen Center - nothing to brag about but rather than retreat in shame I'm planning on making some for YouTube videos I guess. I got a Zoom Q3 recorder to interview people in April of this year, 2012, and so I've got some ideas for video blogs and songs. If I can get around to it.

There's one film project that might involve the CCA (Crooked Cucumber Archives). We'll see.

Paschal High School 50th reunion June 8, 2013 Links

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There's a lot of old material that's as good as new if you haven't read it. -DC

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