2017 Guide - Cuke.com

November, 2017 -- A redesign of primary pages is being introduced to Cuke.com. Approximately 50 pages have been given a new layout with a new menu system with dropdowns. These pages comprise the core of Cuke.com. They all share the same set of menus. The dropdown links go to pages that include links to most detail pages on cuke.com. Links to detail pages should open in new browser tabs, so that a core page with the menu will remain open.

Each of the primary pages includes a Google Custom Search box. Searching in the box yields results on both Cuke.com and Cuke's What's New Blog.  Search Blog Only and Search Cuke Only links allow for limited searches. I routinely use the search box online to find stuff on my own site.

One can search a page by using Cntrl F in a PC and Command F on a Mac.

Cuke.com has been constantly expanding and changing since December of 1998 and not in an entirely logical, orderly way. It's like a Winchester Mystery House of a website, the folders and sub-folders the wings and sections, the pages the rooms, the content the furniture - all meandering along through the years in haphazard fashion.

Overview of Cuke Archives written for SFZC Winter 2018 Newsletter

The Table of Contents and Suggested links might help our guest explore, but the most helpful are the new key pages with menu and dropdown links.

This new menu system was created by Peter Ford who is also responsible for the basic form and function of shunryusuzuki.com. 9 bows to Peter. - DC