"Even in a dream we should take care of things." Kabumpkan

Engaged from April 2003 through 2006
Engaged from 2007 - 2014

From 2015 been posting what would have gone here on the cuke blog and since 2019 in the cuke nonZense blog
 mainly in Environment and Harm Reduction labels except for occasional posts in
Species Threats.

Buddhist Peace Fellowship-BPF

National Religious Campaign Against Torture

Species Threats including Climate Change, nuclear war, meteor strike and averting it

Harm Reduction - on reducing the harm from drugs and the war on drugs

Taigen's Peace and Justice Page

Brian Victoria department - on Japanese Buddhism and Supporting War


Formerly Current Events, Engaged Buddhism - but now that seems presumptuous and not an accurate use of those words. My engaged and another person's might be at odds. Sort of like both teams praying to god to help them win. Anyway, don't post here much at all in recent years, mainly at my personal Facebook page under David Reich Chadwick.