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 Excerpts from Crooked Cucumber
Crooked Cucumber main page   
(with the whole book now) 

Shunryu Suzuki quotes and excerpts

Suzuki and other quotes from Crooked Cucumber sent by FF Miller

Notes on Crooked Cucumber - the whole book chapter by chapter here on cuke to put notes alongside. So everything below is there too of course.

Introduction to Crooked Cucumber 

On Peace and War - a number of excerpts plus other comments

Mitsu Suzuki - Shunryu's wife in America

On Nona Ransom - his English teacher

Chogyam Trungpa Rinpoche

Bob Halpern

Art and Bart - a chapter cut from the book  

Massachusetts Visit - another cut chapter - on Elsie Mitchell

from Part II, America, 1971, Chapter 19 - Final Season: Autumn - Ryuho Yamada in Crooked Cucumber

The visit to Tassajara of Yasutani, Nakagawa, Eido, Maezumi, Aitken and others in 1968 - from Chapter 15 - Tassajara

Excerpts with Taizan Maezumi

Philip Wilson in Crooked Cucumber

Reb Anderson in Crooked Cucumber

Jakusho Kwong


Transmission and Enlightenment

INDEX - in progress (the book had none)

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