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Shunryu Suzuki Index

Shunryu Suzuki Letters and Cards
These are the only examples of correspondence by Suzuki that I have - I think - might find more going through stuff at some point. If anyone has any more, I'd be happy to include them in this archive. Thanks - DC.

to Elsie Mitchell - 17 from 1964-1970, both originals and transcripts

to Grahame Petchey - 6 from 1963-1971, just transcripts (for now) plus transcript of a letter from Kobun Chino to Grahame

to Helen Walker - one revealing letter from 1966, transcript only. I guess this is a draft of one he sent. Thanks to Vicki Austin for going through Mitsu Suzuki's waste basket before she left for Japan and digging this and some other little treasures out. And naughty on Mitsu who'd told me she didn't have a single thing of his like this.

Letter of invitation from Shunryu Suzuki for Buddha's Enlightenment celebration at Sokoji. Looks to be early sixties letter to be sent out to English speaking mailing list.

2013 scans of Shunryu Suzuki letters and drafts

Errors in letters not corrected. Some of the spelling errors are due to the old way that Japanese romanized their language. Grahame's Buddhist name is Tokujun, not Tokunin whic Suzuki wrote a couple of times.

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