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Elsie Mitchell Main Page

The Way of Zazen

by Rindo Fujimoto Roshi

The Whole book on one page - new 10/19/16


Main Page with introductory comments by DC, a table of contents with links to relevant pages and the sections of this booklet herein reproduced in full.

This booklet was edited and published by Elsie Mitchell of the Cambridge Buddhist Association in 1966. Suzuki Roshi made it available for a dollar or so out of his office, the only book I remember being sold at Sokoji back then. It hasn't been available for a long time so I put it on the site here. Read on - it's only 26 pages long.  - DC

Next -  how this tiny book, one of the very first on Soto Zen, came about.  Fujimoto Roshi was one of Elsie Mitchell's teachers and one of a handful of Soto masters that Shunryu Suzuki greatly respected at the time that he came to America.

The Way of Zazen - Contents

Front matter
Photo of Author


The Way of Zazen - text

Foreign words with diacritic marks
- The macrons and accents were taken out of the text for practical reasons although they remain in the notes. 

The original booklet italicized almost all foreign words with each use. In this version they are only italicized on the first use. Other than that and the elimination of diacritic marks, only a few commas were changed.

As it says in the front matter - all rights reserved. Feel free to copy this material for personal use, but not for commercial use without written permission from the Cambridge Buddhist Association

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See a page on the Cambridge Buddhist Association on Harvard University's Pluralism Project's list of World Religions in Boston.

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