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Brochure for Life, Times, and Teachings of Shunryu Suzuki

Heart Sutra page with scans of the early Sokoji chant cards - two sided one page and four sided two page with Suzuki's translations of words' basic meanings on the cards. And some other random sutra images.




Sokoji mon - emblem

Soko stands for San Francisco

and ji means temple




Sokoji temple seal 
and standard kanji





Wonder who did this. Maybe Hoitsu but it could have been Tozen Akiyama













Mitsu - sumi kanji above - New Year's card below




   Eiheiji mon      Sojiji mon



Kobun Chino and Katrin Otogawa's jointly calligraphed character for shine, hikari for To Shine One Corner of the World (now Zen is Right Here) (link to the front matter of the book where this resides)





Calligraphy by Sotan Tatsugami for Silas Hoadley



Three by Kishizawa Ian



    Oka Sotan - should find bigger files for this



  Tassajara han









Tassajara bath chant


(displayed at bathhouse)



Bath Entering Verse {nyūyoku no ge 入浴偈}  
Bathing the body, {moku yoku shin tai 沐浴身体} 
may all living beings {tō gan shu jō 当願衆生} 
wash body and mind free from dust, 
{shin jin mu ku 身心無垢} 
pure and shining within and without. {nai gai kō ketsu 内外光潔}

from Terebess





A promotional drawing of Tassajara from 1949 or earlier.


















Tassajara gate

Don't know how old this sign is but we (maybe Paul Discoe) made one just like it in the first year.


photo from this blog with other pics and comments









Petroglyph hands at caves near Church Creek Ranch near Tassajara

See page on Esselen Indians for more on these hands.









Another Tassajara

6100 Tassajara Rd
DublinCA 94568

Always wanted to know where they got that name. - dc









Calligraphy for Silas Hoadley





Given to Christina Huggins and David Cohen by Silas Hoadley after he performed their wedding ceremony using language he'd learned from Suzuki.





 Green Gulch bell





Kazuaki Tanahashi makes an enso











Chogyam Trungpa calligraphy for Shunryu Suzuki
















 the famous MU




The word of the year in 2012 in Japan was kizuna meaning bond as in they bonded together and helped each other when disaster, the tsunami, struck.




Door to Taigen's zendo

Taigen's cuke page - with link to his Chicago group site









 On Zen Monster



Reuven be Yuhmin















Leo's Buddha















Two cuke slogans See cuke ads




Thanks to Brian Howlett for the art



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