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David Chadwick basic family info: Mother Ahdel (8-13-1914 - 4-08-2013 - final months blog)  Father, Kelroy (10-12-1903, called Kelly), died when I was eleven on 11-01-1956. My older sister Susan lives in Oakland with husband Don Koue. Her daughter Camille was born 10-26-1985. Eldest son Kelly, born 10-04-1973 at Green Gulch Farm in Muir Beach, CA, is in Spokane, WA, with partner since 1993 or so Renee Roehl. Younger son, Clay, born 4-19-1991 in Okayama Japan. First wife Daya Goldschlag [see cuke interview and photos] is in Spokane (8 years together). Former partner of nine years, Liz Tuomi, of Bolinas CA memorial page (1976-1985).. Second wife Elin Chadwick is in Santa Rosa (1985-1999 but didn't stop living together till 2001). Present partner Katrinka McKay and I got together May 1, 2003. We're all on good terms with each other. I was born 2-09-1945 in Fort Worth Texas. - dc - updated 4-18-13

See Ahdel's page      Spirit Pruners - Kelly's tree trimming biz - Kelly cuke page

6-08-15 - Obituary for Don Koue

Link to this obituary from today's cuke with comment and links

5-13-15 - Don Koue, Susan's husand, died yesterday morning at six. He'd been in hospice care for a month. Farewell Don, good man and smart man and good artist and writer. - dc

photo of Don, his daughter Camille, and my sister Susan

10-31-14 - Velvet Top Mushroom - Kelly Chadwick with an edible fungi

balloons10-26-14 - Happy birthday Camille Koue, excellent niece.



10-12-14 - On this day in 1903 my father, Kelroy Utley Chadwick, was born. Here's something I posted on him on Father's Day, 2007

10-04-14 - balloonsHappy Birthday to Kelly Chadwick, born this day 41 years ago at Green Gulch farm in the little room above the kitchen at the top of the stairs. Thanks to Daya Goldschlag for the enormous effort she made in giving birth. Check out Kelly's biz, Spirit Pruners - in Spokane, WA. - Good going Kelly. - your loving father, DC


9-12-14 -

balloonsHappy Birthday to my sister Susan. I hope that the very expensive gift I shipped to you arrives today
. - Your loving brother D.






6-24-12 - Started a page for Rusty Schweickart with somewhat of the purpose to remind Clay about his grandpa.

5-11-14 - Congratulations to Kelly Chadwick on becoming an ISA certified, a Certified Arborist, an international certification. When in Spokane, get your tree work done by Spirit Pruners.

Congratulations to Clay Chadwick on completing court mandated volunteer hours.

3-15-14 - Created a page for Kelly Chadwick today

2-27-14 - RIP Ward Ruscoe, like a brother.

11-17-13 -balloons

Happy Birthday Katrinka on this full moon day my love!

Here's a song for you (and MLK on his day).

And this --- and this --- plus fifty

another from Sir Paul and from BB

and this punk one - another punker and another and another and another and another

plus a rap happy birthday and another

These songs for you and more coming.....

Katrinka on the right with her most cool son Seth


balloonsHappy birthday  Kelly Chadwick! 40!




8-22-13 - Rip Sunshine who followed her master Ahdel, to the next bardo. She was lost then found after Ahdel died. We couldn't find a local home for her in Fort Worth - tried for months - so Susan took her to Oakland where  like Ahdel, she stopped eating, stayed affectionate, and didn't complain. Here's a nice photo of her on the the lost cat flier niece Camille made. Now Camille is flying from DC to Fort Worth to bring the other cat to Oakland, the semi-feral one who lived outside. Staying with neighbor who said the new owner offered to delay work on the home till that cat is caught. Nice guy. When he was first interested in the house he left a Starbucks gift card with his name. I Googled him. Mentions Goenka Vipassana on his hotel biz website. I printed up a photo of Goenka for him to see when he'd come over to check the house out. Have never met him. Paid cash. Had no inspection or appraisal or requests. Had the final date changed to a lucky day. Plan to send him a book and note of thanks for being so thoughtful.  - dc

7-22-13 - Ahdel Chadwick Estate sale in Fort Worth Friday, Saturday, Sunday July 26-28- check it out. This is where I lived from the age of 12 to 18 and where I've visited and where I've just left for good. Signing it over to new owner on Monday next. - dc

7-08-13 - Goodbye dear Fort Worth home and good neighbors. [more]

7-07-13 - It's ten thirty in the morning. Three hours before we're outa here. Then off to yoga and to Houston for a few days. Then back to the Bay Area, dropping Katrinka off at DFW on the way, then Norman, OK City, Santa Fe, Taos, Crestone, and west.

7-05-13 - Sunshine has been found. See 6-10-13 below. Susan will bring her to California.

6-26-13 - Brian Eppes memorial page

6-21-13 - 16 days to go in Fort Worth home. [read more]

6-18-13 - June 1989 Article (in Jp) and photo with Elin Chadwick in Okayama, Japan, protest of what's called the Tiananmin Square massacre.

See note on "massacre" with this entry in Current Events section.

6-10-13 - Sunshine lost in Fort Worth (nice flyer niece Camille)  - but I saw her on the back of the patio last night. She ran off when I called her. She was always an indoor cat that I'd started letting out for a few minutes a day till one day she wouldn't return. Susan sister said a vet told her all cats should be indoors. I agreed. Read this. And that doesn't even include this.

Since then have seen her three times. She just runs from me.

5-23-13 - Steinway sold to a nice Vietnamese piano teacher who came with his Thai wife.

Details, map, and photos of Chadwick and Clarke lots

5-19-13 - Photos of our Steinway which is now for sale.

5-09-13 - Thanks Kelly for sending these photos from the gathering after Ahdel's memorial.

5-08-13 - Back in Fort Worth to keep going through stuff in Ahdel's home. Her older sister, my aunt Bruni (Brunhilda), who was upset that mother was dying and died before her, soon got word her cancer had spread, went into hospice, and passed on a few days ago two months after Ahdel did. She would have been 100 next month. They were always very close - both valedictorians at Central High in Fort Worth, both went to Vassar. Their lives took quite different courses and Bruni's marriage took her to Rochester far from Texas, but they kept in touch through the years. Bruni was clear headed, talking to friends on the phone right up to three days before she died. She wasn't as spry as Ahdel but she was mentally even sharper. It would bother mother a little when I'd call Bruni to ask about things mother couldn't quite remember. Farewell Bruni and condolences to her offspring, cousins Penny, Karl, and Phil.

Penny wrote: ...about mom's passing on May 6th.   She was peacefully listening in the wee hours of the morning  to her favorite CD by Jon Nakamatsu, the Japanese pianist whom she and Al befriended.  As the last note on the CD sounded, mom took an extra and last breath.  She was at peace and suffered no pain and left an aura of peace around her.

4-19-13 - Adding many photos to this page of Ahdel photos today.

3-08-13 - Ahdel passes on at 11:52pm on her mother's birthday. See Ahdel's page.

3-01-13 - 2004 Sonoma reunion celebration of Ahdel's 90th Birthday - a few great photos by Raymond Rimmer - linked from Ahdel's page as well.

2-10-13 - Camille sent three photos today. This one with Clay and me eight years ago or so, don't know where, and two more posted on Ahdel's page.

1-30-13 - Starting a page today for mother Ahdel who's now in hospice care.

balloons11-17-12 - Happy Birthday Katrinka my love. - dc




11-01-12 - Thanks Jennifer Moore for sending these photos of mother Ahdel and helping her to get ready for the trick n treaters last night.


Sending out a thought of thanks to father Kelly who died 56 years ago today in the early morning and who encouraged me to devote my life to understanding mind (as in Shunryu Suzuki's big mind). - dc

10-04-12 -

balloonsHappy birthday Kelly, elder son



9-23-12 - Our sculptor friend Ihara sent two nostalgic photos from Japan from around 1989.

9-18-12 - Mother Ahdel dressed up to go to the Mobster's Ball for the Fort Worth Opera Saturday night the 16th.


8-13-12 -

balloonsHappy birthday mother Ahdel Chadwick, born 98 years ago today. Thanks from all of us for agreeing to stop driving.


7-11-12 -

Mother Ahdel with her little sis, Eleanor, on the right, and big sis, Bruni below, taken last year in Ohio.

7-02-12 - Fort Worth Report: Ahdel (mother) reports for cataract surgery at 6 this morning. Printed up the Appeal for funds for the Crooked Cucumber Archives (including this site) for her, soon to be 98, and her one comment was that she thinks I meant complementary, not complimentary. Thanks mom.

5-17-12 - Back from May 2012 Crestone Mt. Seat Ceremony for Dan Welch and related happenings. Here's a photo Steve Allen took of Katrinka and me. - dc

4-19-12 - balloonsHappy birthday Clayton Chadwick, younger son, now 21. We had dinner at Sol Food, desert at Panama Hotel with jazz, lively discussion in Katrinka and my tiny apartment, then Howie and I took him to the Fourth Street Tavern at midnight where he had a Sierra Nevada Ale. Howie did too. I had a lemonade. Clay was actually 21 before then but his driver's license just shows his birthday. You see, Clay was not born on his birthday. more in DC misc

12-26-11 - This yuletide season we here in Fort Worth have fought bravely on the side of tradition in the War on Xmas  Read more in DC Misc

12-22-11 - Katrinka bring to Texas when you come Xmas eve with Clay

12-15-11 - Today from 4 - 6pm at my mother, Ahdel Chadwick's, home in Fort Worth, TX, there will be a celebration of the life of Richard Whinery.

Richard Whinery Memorial Page

12-08-11 - Obituary for mother's mate, Richard Whinery - farewell Dick. We'll miss you. - dc

11-29-11 - Went to some great restaurants in Walla Walla with elder son Kelly who's in the wine biz and heard a lot of wine talk which was over my head - like being with friends speaking a foreign language I know some of but not enough to follow what they say. I had a lot of good strong tea and one pomegranate with a touch of some vinegar at the Jim German Bar where all was exceptional. - dc

11-24-11 - I'm also grateful right now to Adalie and Nick of Bellatazza coffee and tea shop in Bend, Oregon, for being open on Thanksgiving - till one.

And I am indeed grateful that Seth and Christina have provided a friendly place to go to now and be grateful that Katrinka (Seth's mom) will be there by my side - or over on the couch. - dc

11-17-11 - balloonsHappy birthday Katrinka, home today from a secret mission in Baja.




10-26-11 - balloonsHappy birthday Camille Koue. Nice niece, it's your golden 26.


Camille's cool website


balloons10-19-11 - Happy birthday Elin, my past wife experience, from her wasbund. (Got these terms from her).




balloonsHappy birthday Kelroy Chadwick (October 12, 1903 - Nov. 1, 1956), who first pointed the way.



balloons10-04-11 - Happy birthday Kelly.




9-14-11 - Thanks to Brad Warner for showing me around Kent and Kent State. He did a video interview with me while I was with him. Check it out. - dc

9-13-11 - Getting ready to print up my boarding pass for return from Akron to SF, CLE to SFO. Two days ago, at the Cleveland airport on the way home from this family event, my 97 year old mother, having been pushed up to the front of the security line in a wheelchair (only for the airport) was asked if she had any metal in her body and she said no. Gee, I remember her orthopedic surgeon showing her and me and my orthopedic surgeon cousin Phil a big piece of metal he'd put in her hip - looked like a trailer hitch with a spike coming out of it. But she forgot and as a result had to get a pat down and had to go through more extensive scanning. She does have a suspicious look about her and better safe than sorry. A tip of the hat to our nation's security team. At least she didn't say, "Well, I'm not very likely to be carrying a bomb on the plane," or something like that like Nancy Wilson Ross did years ago when with I think Lucy Bennett (Calhoun now) was with her. They pulled elderly sophisticate Nancy into a room for interrogation and she missed her flight. - dc

balloonsHappy birthday aunt Eleanor.



9-12-11 - Had a great time talking with Brad Warner at a coffee shop in Akron last night. Have mentioned his books before here. Won't look for past links. Here's his Hardcore Zen blog with the latest being the Dharma of George Carlin whom I've also referred to on cuke and there's Louis CK too, another of my favorites. - dc.

balloonsHappy birthday sister Susan.



9-11-11 - AKRON - Would love to get a photo of mother on the dance floor last night - she was there with her cane off and on for several hours. The dance floor was my cousin's tennis court with a tent over it. 180 guests to celebrate a wedding. - dc

9-10-11 - AKRON - At a family event in Akron where Aunt Eleanor's family is centered. She's so youthful, 11 years younger than mother Ahdel who's 97 (see recent piece on her). I can't believe how sharp my 98 year old aunt Bruni (Brunhilda) is - reads science journals. Her name is almost the combo of her parents' and my mother's parents' names, Bruno and Hulda. In Germany I liked telling people that I was pure German on my mother's side. Her maiden name is Reich. Among the small square tiles in the Reich's entryway floor of their home built in the nineteen twenties were what I thought were little swastikas but which Susan says were the opposite direction. My grandfather worked at and inherited the Reich Bakery in Fort Worth. Germans are proud of their bread and so I'd proudly say I was descended from a line of German bakers. Her mother's maiden name was Smallfield. She taught society ladies fine embroidery and said she didn't believe the terrible things they were saying about that nice Mr. Hitler. It only occurred to me in recent years that my mother's parents may have felt a great shame for what German's had done to their once proud heritage. - dc

9-09-11 - AKRON -  Akron is cool, overcast. - dc

9-08-11 - Up in the air. - dc

9-07-11 - Getting ready to go to Cleveland, Akron for six days for a family thing - mother's little sis and family are Akron based.  - dc

9-04-11 - Going to Akron this month the 8th through the 13th for a family event but I'll have some time

8-13-11 - balloonsHappy 97th birthday mother - still driving, going to meetings, Honorary Life Member of the Fort Worth Opera Board [continued in dchad misc]

5-23-11 - Rant-ology - Renee Roehl's blog

4-19-11 - Happy 20th birthday Clayton Chadwick who's now only four or five hours away in Bangaluru, formerly Bangalore.

Photos taken by Clay's grandmother Clare Whitfield in Hawaii during 2010 Xmas Holidays.

     Click thumbnails to enlarge

Photos by Kelly taken at barn not so long ago of Clay and Howie Klein



Here are two photos Kelly took in Mendocino while he, Clay, Katrinka, and I were on a mushroom foray in Mendocino County, CA, with his friend David Arora who wrote Mushrooms Demystified.


Here are four photos taken by Madeleine near Bend, OR a couple of years ago, two with Katrinka and DC, one with Madeline and us, and one with the cascade minus us.


   Click thumbnails to enlarge

4-1-11 - Clay's mom Elin Chadwick and Grandma Clare Whitfield recently at Asilimar and the Monterrey Bay Aquarium and I'm not sure where that giant nest is but somewhere near there or the Hearst Castle area. Elin calls me her Wasband. - dc


Liz Tuomi Memorial Page

7-8-34 to 3-7-2011

DC's dear friend for forty years

DC's mate March 1976 - March 1985

Mother of Beth, Jonathan, Jane, Ethan


6-02-2010 - Wrote a fungi-specific bio of son Kelly that's now on the cuke page for his new book, Decomposition. Reminder that Kelly, poet Charlotte Innes, and I will be doing readings from the book June 15th in Sebastopol, 16th in Berkeley, and 18th in Sonoma. Details here. - dc






4-19-10 - Happy 19th birthday Clay! (on top left with Turkish ensemble at Lark in the Morning music camp in Mendocino summer 2009.

And in New Orleans working with Common Ground in the spring of 2009





9-28-09 - RIP Lady Jane, Katrinka's companion of 13 years and Clay's and mine as well of 5. She was a big old dog. One woman observer called her an Anatolian Guard Dog. She slept more and more these last few years and recently it's become harder and harder for her to get up the stairs. She fell down them a couple of times and stayed down a lot. Then a few days ago she stopped eating then drinking and then she went over to the front of John's house and crawled under a bush and died there within a day. An excellent example to us all. This memorial filed under Family and Santhara (the natural, traditional way of death with dignity). Here's a photo of her minus the end of her nose. - dc

Thanks so much to Rachel Boughton who wrote, "John told me that Lady Jane went to the happy hunting grounds last night, moved on to her next incarnation, threw off this mortal coil. She was a dear old lady, bless her heart. I'll miss her. Best wishes to her on her journey and to you, too.

p.s. here is a little video of her I took on my cell phone a few years ago.

8-13-09 - With mother in Napa at her 95th birthday celebration.

L to R - Clay Chadwick (son), Kelly Chadwick (son), Don Koue (bro-in-law), Camille Koue (niece) , Riley Lochridge (2nd cousin), Susan Chadwick (sister), David Chadwick (self), Daya Goldschlag (mother of Kelly), Katrinka McKay (partner)

More photos of this event on Facebook.

To be ninety-five - a poem by Ahdel Chadwick on her birthday

6-14-09 - Congratulations to Clay Chadwick for graduating from high school yesterday.

photo by Camille Koue

4-24-08 - Kelly and Renee are Seeking fungi inspired poems for a book- length anthology

Revisit Fungi fascination with Kelly and Renée!

4-19-08 - Happy 17th birthday Clay! Clay on drums.



3-11-08 - Daya Goldschlag sent a story she'd not had time to tell at the Early Tassajara Alumni Reunion final get-together at Greens on January 26th. It's about how our son Kelly, now 34, almost died not long after he was born and how he lived because we lived at Green Gulch. I answered her with what I remembered and she answered back. Here's the story again - Kelly Lives!. Filed in Family. See Daya's cuke interview and photos.

2-27-08 - Nonesuch School Auction - gotta go out and get items for Clay's School auction to be held March 15th in Sebastopol. Got anything you'd like to offer to help this worthy cause? Just email me, DC, and I'll be most grateful. I've already got some hotels, spa, restaurants, coffee shops, goat cheese dairy, wine, a watch, and am going for more. Wish me luck. Better yet, donate an item or service. - dc

11-13-07 - Clay's report on Tassajara subculture

11-11-07 - Photos of Susan scanned in Fort Worth recently to help cousin Camille with a college project.

10-12-07 - Happy birthday to Kelly (Kelroy) Chadwick (1903-1956)

10-04 - Happy birthday Kelly, now 17/31sts of my age.



9-12 Happy birthday sister Susan!



8-16-07 - Daya [back then Dianne] Goldschlag [first wife] and me way back maybe before wedding - thanks to Andrew Main from Maggie Kress's scrapbook. It's a thumbnail - click it.

8-13 - 07 - Happy birthday mother Ahdel. Ageless. Inspiring.



8-01-07 - Putting a few photos of some of us on this morning.

4-28-07 - If you're in the Sonoma County, California, area today, there are various events happening. This morning I'm going to the Sebastopol Apple Blossom Parade and Festival which continues tomorrow. Tonight is the Nonesuch School Benefit Dinner Auction Concert at the Sebastopol Community Center. Come join us. Starts at six. 

Click on thumbnail to expand flyer for the event.

Nonesuch School web site. It's son Clay's school.

5-05-07 - Anna and Nancy ask me about the women in my life.

4-19-07 - Happy birthday Clay - sweet 16.



3-25-07 - I was fixing a link here yesterday on the 3-22-07 What's New entry and had to stop and couldn't get back to it till this morning because Clay got all scuffed up and broke his arm in a skateboarding spill and I had to zip off to the emergency roam of Kaiser in Santa Rosa and hang with him and his mom till he was cleaned up, splinted, and released. The craziest part, according to him, was when the doc snapped back in place the radius totally broken just above the wrist. (The radius is the larger of the two bones running from elbow to wrist.) He opted for minimum sedation to have minimum risk of complications. Kudos to the wonderful nurses, technicians, and docs. Clay's fine now, sitting with an icepack on his elevated arm, watching Casino Royal. Elin took digital photos. Hope to have here soon. - DC

3-24-07 - 
Happy birthday Renée!

(see Fungi Fascination)



3-16-07 - The Sky is Falling. Really, an editorial in today's New York Times
by Russell L. Schweickart (Apollo 9 Astronaut, founder of the B612 Foundation, and Clay'sgranddad). The B612 Foundation has previously been featured on cuke.com in the Species Threats section of Current Events.
Nine bows (as they say in Zen) for your work on this Rusty.

Saddened by news of two tragic deaths in Clay's world.

2-15-07 - Here's a photo of my mate Trinkita, son Clay (15), Trinkita's dog Lady Jane, and me in Cabo Pulmo, Baja California Sur, Mexico on January 21, 2007.

3-05-07 - Fungi fascination with Kelly and Renée!

Clay at Cindy Sheehan vigil in Santa Rosa August 17, 2005. He's wearing an Evisceration tee shirt, his first HS death metal band.name. He looks sort of drunk and chubby here but was neither. I was there. - dc

Today Clayton Chadwick is 13.

Happy Birthday to a great kid!

Photo taken in August of 2003 at the Lark in the Morning Music Camp which obviously was an inspiring experience - look at the radiance on his face.