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Here are a few photos I had on hand. Soon I'll get all the photos from the book and lots more from Japan and America up here. I'll put in folks from Crooked Cucumber so you can see what they look like and even some of me.--DC, December 1998.

Shunryu Suzuki Index

Photos from Crooked Cucumber -  finally here May 19, 2012

Over 400 photos of Shunryu Suzuki at this link on - well presented and you can search and add notes

Same 400 photos of Shunryu Suzuki at this Flickr link but the link is better.

SR photo archive guide to all photos in photo archive at (This info has been entered under each photo in the archive.) - SR photo archive guide - intro

Betty Warren photo and memorabilia collection

Photographs by Isago Isao Tanaka

DC Family section has photos

New 11-07 - Tons of cuke photos on Picasa

3 photos - Soen, Watts, Snyder

6-22-13 - Shunryu Suzuki photo archive now has had a great deal of info entered under the photos thanks to Peter Ford who also created this excellent photo display. Lots of info still to ad and surely some corrections to make, but this is a big step. We've got this collection digitized due to the efforts some years ago, maybe  ten, of Shinshu Roberts, who took the photos to Seattle or somewhere up there where a friend had a quality scanner. I'd added info to a small number of photos with the intention of getting back to that task before the end of time. In the current scanning of a backlog of materials, came upon a chart of the photos with explanations. Shinshu might have done this but I bet it was Bill Redican. Peter ran the PDF of that list through a OCR (optical character recognition) program and entered the data into the Shunryu Suzuki photo archive on Shunryu Suzuki dot com. It took some scattered villagers. Many more photos should be scanned in the SFZC catacombs and in scattered shoeboxes.. - dc












photo is of Suzuki in Japan at his temple, Rinsoin - looks like he's dressed as a pilgrim or takuhatsu (monk's begging). Used here cause it was on the CTR site. Guess it's with the photo archive at - dc


Click on photo thumbnails to enlarge and to read who's who

Portrait of Suzuki Portrait of Suzuki
group with Suzuki group with Suzuki
Suzuki ceremony, horizontal view
stick.JPG (18683 bytes)
suzukis & dc.JPG (113311 bytes)
at the Be-in - photo by Lisa Law

not a thumbnail - Suzuki Roshi with the construction crew in 1956 at Rinso-in before work began on the Buddha Hall.


Bob Halpern, Suzuki, Philip Wilson

Mel Weitsman, Ananda Claude Dalenberg, Shunryu Suzuki, Kobun Chino, Dainin Katagiri

Philip Wilson with Suzuki


Philip Wilson with Suzuki

Photos of Jack Van Allen's lay ordination

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