Interviews In America

In addition to the Interviews listed below there are
many Podcasts which were conducted starting in 2020.

Interviews with Japanese in Japan and the US

*** = Interviews conducted in 1971 and 72 by Peter and Jane Schneider, Karl and Fumiko Bielefeldt, with the later two translating. I'm now (8-13-11) checking to make sure all of those interviews are on cuke. They were re-assessed with comments added by Fred Harriman in the late nineties. - dc

With, from, about folks on Suzuki Roshi and their practice and lives. Most folks herein were students of Suzuki but not all. The criteria for inclusion in this section is that one was around the ZC during the Suzuki era or has some knowledge of it or some sort of connection to it. My goal is to get a broad history of that time and place and those folks that centered around Shunryu Suzuki. Here, little by little, I plan to post interviews, conversations, memories recorded in letters, email, phone notes, and on tape of Shunryu Suzuki and his times by students, friends, and relatives in Japan and America conducted and gathered by me and others through the years. I have thousands of pages on disc and paper and some untranscribed tapes at any given time and keep getting new material and will be adding from all that to this section after editing quickly.. Some will be long and others are short, some more carefully edited than others. Corrections solicited. Donations and any assistance accepted. - written way long years ago - dc 2015

As they say in scholarly papers, these interviews are NOT FOR CITATION without checking with me. There are various types of errors and misunderstandings in them that have not been fixed unless so noted. 

Eternal thanks to Liz Tuomi who has transcribed many interviews herein for me and to others such as Richard Speel and Layla Bockhorst who did this work in the past. Is there anyone I'm forgetting? - DC 4/13/04 

- DC