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Zentatsu Richard Baker

Zentatsu Baker Roshi link on Dharma Sangha website

Ancestors and Dharma heirs of Shunryu Suzuki

 7-03-14 - Richard Baker related archival 2013 Scans

Richard Baker Roshi is a dear friend and teacher of mine who has been completely supportive of cuke archives, work, projects, and me and mine all the way back to the first day I walked into Sokoji. - DC

Richard Baker on his practice with Shunryu Suzuki from an early draft of Original Mind

Richard Baker on Alan Watts - sent to DC spring 2015

DC on Alan Watts with Baker references

Original Mind - chapters from Baker's yet published book

So much to add here like Baker in Crooked Cucumber and much more. - dc

9-29-12 - Notes on early RICHARD BAKER Wind Bell interview

from an early WIND BELL - 67? Will get date and issue here later. - dc --- Wind Bells on cuke

Zentatsu lectures from the Wind Bell