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Shunryu Suzuki Archives Projects - past fundraising efforts

Shunryu Suzuki Index

A Brief History of Archiving Shunryu Suzuki's Legacy

All else on this page old stuff.

History of Archiving Shunryu Suzuki's Legacy - written in 2017

2012 Drive to Raise Funds for the Crooked Cucumber Archives
Do-it page with Goals - Support Statements - Budget - Contributors - Posts

2012 Fundraising Email sent by Noble friends of Cuke

Development page

SFZC Suzuki-roshi Lecture Archiving Project from 1998 to 2002

Page for Bill Redican who was project manager

Bill Redican's Shunryu Suzuki lecture master log from his valiant work over a decade ago.

October 2005 fundraising letter for the Zen Alumbrella which includes the continuation of this archiving.

[May 2005 - How to donate to the work DC does.]

SSLP - Shunryu Suzuki Legacy Project - what's happening in 2008

Supporters and Advisors - past present and future

Posts below was written in years past - 99 to 2003. Much of it is still relevant. - DC

Shunryu Suzuki's students have never been particularly good at archiving his legacy. For decades we have felt that what we had was enough. But for the last few years we've been working on his lectures and preserving people's memories and Suzuki-roshi's legacy is taking a form that can easily be passed down. This work may prove to be helpful and it keeps a few of us off the streets. You can keep up with what's happening with this work here. Right now it basically divides up into two categories: my oral history work and the SFZC' lecture archiving project. See below. [New work being done on updating all this now (2/2005), and fundraising to do it. This stuff was written a two or three years ago. - DC]

Cucumber Project (Crooked Cucumber Oral History Project--the work I'm doing--DC)

Lecture Archiving (SF Zen Center's Shunryu Suzuki Lecture Preservation Project) not updated since 2002 or so.

Awake: Art, Buddhism, and the Dimensions of Consciousness
Papers - An interesting and short list of archives including this one and the SFZC Suzuki archives. Also included are Hodo Tobase, the abbot of Sokoji prior to Suzuki, and Gordon Oslo Ford, a student of Tobase who is still going strong in his nineties [6\02] and whose paintings grace the SFZC's City Center, and Alan Watts [the archive run by his son, Mark, who worked on the Suzuki tapes].

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