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 - articles, reports, stories, rants, a whole section of new Japan stories. Of course there's DC wordy doodlings all over the site.

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DC Misc     - lots of random scribblings over the years. This goes to DC Misc 4 with links to the previous.

DC on Shunryu Suzuki and So Forth

Fred Kimball, Psychic Friend - a four part article - posted March 2014

Ahdel - my mother's last months - 2013 January - March


11-01-18 - Rejected

7-06-17 - Leftovers

7-1-17 - DC Misc 5

6-27-17 - Shunryu Suzuki and the Beats

1-07-16 - Another World

11-28-15 - One and Another Incarcerated (blog link) - a Story with a Dragon (link to it here on cuke)

8-08-15 - On Alan Watts

8-10-14 - Fifty Billion Dollars - a very short story

Feb - March 2014 - On the Floor of Greens - 1

2-17-14 - A Train of Memories

2-11-14 - Our Great Friend and Teacher Kobun Chino

March 2013 Southwest Texas Trip

2-19-13 - Four Questions from Thomas Moore Evaded by DC

2-18-12 - Remembering Ananda Claude Dalenberg, Buddhist pioneer, humanist, our friend and dharma brother  who died four years ago today,

4-14-11 - A History of Fire at Tassajara

10-10-10 - Zen Mind, Beginner's Mind at 40 - An afterword to the 40th anniversary issue of ZMBM (with a link to an annotated version)

***5-07-09 - An article on Zen Mind, Beginner's Mind - ZMBM at Thirty-eight and Counting


*** Japan Stories  [4 old and 3 new so far]

*** 6/14/04 - Memories of Bishop Togen Sumi

*** 6/12/04 - Memories of Maezumi Roshi

*** 6/28/04 - The Twelve Days of England

*** 5/12/02 - Psychoactivism - a chapter by DC in Zig Zag Zen; Buddhism and Psychedelics - unabridged version of this chapter.

*** 11/06/02 - An article on Elsie Mitchell, founder of the Cambridge Buddhist Association.

*** 4/23/02 - A Profile of the San Francisco Zen Center - unabridged version of an article by DC for the April 2002 Shambhala Sun. 

*** 7/23/99 - Jean E. Ross--Surpassing the Clouds - an article on one of Suzuki-roshi's earliest and strongest students, a real Buddhist trailblazer.

*** 3-21-07 - El Darko Meets Rosebush with a Cast of Sixteen Thousand Spacey Characters - a chapter from Roundabout Zen: Recollections in Celebration of the 70th Birthday of Zentatsu Baker Roshi

*** 5/23/04 - Intoxication and Practice - an unedited version of a piece published in the summer 2004 issue of Buddhadharma.

Other Nonzense

Freedom Songs - my Journey through 1964

*** 2-17-12 - Breaking a Fifty Year Old Vow

Summer 2011 - Real Cream in Rio - 123456

Winter-spring 2011 - India Trip Notes - 2011

*** 3-11-08 - Kelly Lives! - emails between Daya Goldschag and me about how our son Kelly almost died soon after he was born.

*** 7/30/04 - In Defense of Bush - in Current Events (satire)

*** 7/23/04 - Skits n Skates, July Vacation Report

*** 5/31/04 - Happy Memorial Day 

***  5/13/04 - Panhandling with Lola, an account of parent assisted homework with the homeless and a canine attendant.

*** 5/10/04 - Reflections on the Horrible Photos from Iraq in diversions/current events.

*** 4/07/04 - Interview with the Author

*** 4/05/04 - A Taste of Persimmon: a weekend with Da, mainly his photos and devotees (experiences at the community of the man now called Avatar Adi Da Samraj) This is a most popular piece

*** 4/05/03 - Saint Stupid's Day Parade

Pinched Image Shorts

Other Zen Stuff

8-09-12 - Buddhadharma magazine this month features Forum: San Francisco Zen Center at Fifty with Steve Stücky, Blanche Hartman, Norman Fischer, and Mary Morgan and an introduction by yours truly, DC.  
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