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Development -

Cuke Development Index

What is the future of this site and the historical work it represents? GOALS for 2008
with a special addendum of items about which to lobby the SFZC. A first draft writ off the top of my head on the eve of 1-11-08. More added on 1-12.

Continue visiting a little bit some sangha members (wide definition), especially the isolated or in need. See Zen Aluminati.

Put up more edited interviews*,  letters, emails, etc. from interviews already done. Try to get through them all this year.

Do new interviews, etc. for memories from people who were around in the Suzuki era.

Work on a section on Suzuki disciples with interviews and where are they now info.

Fix up the interviews with Suzuki better - include raw material. Find the one not yet included that I've got somewhere. (or maybe it's another talk on his past)

Go back and properly edit interviews already on cuke that were put on too hurriedly.
Transcribe and scan untranscribed tapes, notes, letters, papers, photos.

Identify info on Suzuki and ZC back then by some method where it's buried in longer interviews and articles. Bookmarks, links, color-coding for instance.

Put more work into Brief Memories and Suzuki Stories.

Put up and link to info on the Suzuki lineage

Go through Suzuki lectures for historical comments on his part. Haven't done since before verbatim archive work at turn of century.

Write notes on Suzuki lectures.

Include, link to, list more relevant articles and other material generated outside of the cuke realm.

More on Dainin Katagiri

More photos on site.

Index and maps for cuke and Crooked Cucumber.

Notes on Crooked Cucumber.

Glossary for cuke.

Search window for cuke.

Develop cuke blog aspect with ability for readers to automatically post comments.

Keep backing up and improving back up of all materials I don't want to loose.

DONE! 1-24-08 - Storage problem solved. Get physical archives in fireproof location for stuff that would be lost in a fire. See note below.

Organize office, files on main computer, eliminating duplications on the same disk. Go through boxes of paper.

Improve physical appearance, organization, ease of use of self - no, I mean See web site development.

Look into getting out of print books and materials available again, possibly starting a mini-publisher and maybe tying into print-on-demand and e-book possibilities. Almost no investment necessary. Purpose to make available books with low demand but some significance to a few of us. Examples : Way of Zazen, Layman Pang.

* Interviews etc are interviews in person by phone with notes or recorded, by email, and/or snail mail.

1-24-08 - Storage problem solved.

1-15-07 - a note on backing up the files here and protecting the cuke archives which was just written to a friend who'd lost a bunch of stuff he wanted.

I am always worried about loosing stuff and back up constantly as I work on to multiple disks. I have an external hard drive right here that I keep turned off and turn on only to back up to it, flash drives in the car, lap top out there too is up to date, and another external hard drive at my ex wife's. Also, when I am working on something I periodically save it as an attachment to Google mail. I always remind myself that anything that isn't backed up is something I don't want. But I'm really worried about all sorts of stuff in the very flammable barn here that I could use, mainly documents, letters, tapes and notes that haven't been copied or duplicated.

Just today I'm going to check out a local junior college, Santa Rosa JC to see if something might be possible with their library. I also plan to try Sonoma State U and U of SF. UCB Bancroft Library oral history department and the Graduate Theological Union have both expressed an interest in the past in keeping archives for me in the past but they're further away. Am dying to get these irreplaceable materials to a fire proof spot. I had them in fireproof starage for nine months at $20 but when it went up to 50 I brought them back here to this tender box. Gotta keep on this.

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