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Notes from a phone conversation with Hoitsu Suzuki


Hoitsu Suzuki main page

Hoitsu is the eldest son of Shunryu Suzuki, also one of two dharma heirs of Suzuki in Japan

October 4, 1998

Phone discussion with Hoitsu Suzuki.


Answers to DC questions:

Amada Yasumasa

Kando and Tomiko Sugiyama of Zuioji

Suzuki Seison is the name of the father and he son of the potter. Ryu is the mame of the grandson of the senior.

The abbot of Bairin-in was Nemoto Gette back in Shunryu's day.

Aiko Uchiyama’s husband’s name was Tatsusan.

Noiri Kojun

Sekiun-in is the honji of Rinsoin, the head temple. Nagae Kin’e was the jushoko there who ordained McNeil and Hense. Hoitsu was in school when they were there and doesn’t remember much. They arrived separately we agreed, but went to Sekiun-in together or were there together. Hoitsu says he’d heard they were homosexuals and that it didn’t work so well.

The oldest photo of Shunryu is at the Kotoshogakko [primary school] in Mori at about the age of 14.

The so-called Shinsanshiki in 47 was a shinsankesse, a hundred day sesshin which (I think) opened the zendo. (There is the part about it becoming a shittei[?] [designated] zendo then maybe). He said there was a 10 day jukai then too. There was a shuso, not Shunryu's deshi, from another temple I didn’t write down. That may have been when Gen’ichi Amano became the Oyamoto, godfather, of Shunryu. Hoitsu forgets who the first one was. I think it was the old head of the board. I said Amano was it from 37 or so in Crooked Cucumber.

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