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Shunryu Suzuki's Earliest Transcribed Lectures
intro and index

Suzuki lectures

Index below

The rest of these early lectures can be found at Look at the Compact List data base and the column to the right of the file name has TD marked on the lectures Trudy was working with and ZM for the ones that went into Zen Mind, Beginner's Mind.


In working on a report on the Shunryu Suzuki archives found 48 lectures in the SFZC library storage closet in a box marked ZMBM ms - the lectures Trudy Dixon edited to go into Zen Mind, Beginner's Mind. Diana who runs the book store showed it to me. So far I have only found one of those 48  lectures to be in the official lecture archive though I think there should be at least two more. All or almost all of these 48 lectures are obviously verbatim transcripts - just read it.

See On finding the transcriptions of the original lectures that Zen Mind, Beginner's Mind was edited from - and more.

DC note  4-23-11- I assumed that was Trudy's box but it might have been Marian Derby's. I need to check with Mike Dixon on the handwriting. Also, I think it was found at Los Altos which makes it more likely to have been Marian's. It was sent to the SFZC City Center to Blanche Hartman which a note to her signed, A and Blanch thought that might be Angie Boissevain

See zmbm main cuke page wih links to other articles on all this and the history of ZMBM

ZMBM page which has a useful chart and links to source lectures

I scanned the first one and ran an optical character scan on it and then spent forever correcting the glitches, reading the original and fixing the copy line by line. But that was too time consuming. Then I got an email from Gloria Disco who offered to help transcribe them. So I sent her the first ten which she's going to type onto disc and email me. She said she transcribed a number of the early Los Altos lectures for Trudy Dixon - totally . I don't know which, if any or all, of the lectures in this set were done by her or which may have been done by Marian Derby who taped the Los Altos lectures - the zendo was in her home. Marian did the first taping of Suzuki's lectures, told him she wanted to do it for a book. All but three (I think) of those tapes are gone and until I found ten years ago or so what was labeled Marian Derby's original transcriptions of those lectures, all we had of all but a few lectures was ZMBM. Now we have these apparently verbatim transcripts of these early 48 lectures.

The first three are labeled Rev. S. Suzuki's talk on Great Prajna Paramita Sutra  and were not used for ZMBM.

See the old Heart Sutra chant cards - the four sided one, the oldest, is a much better scan.

8-02-14 - Marian Derby letter to DC explaining what she thinks the source of the box of Shunryu Suzuki Los Altos Lecture transcripts with editing marks that ended up in the SFZC library closet - all of which now are in lecture archive on - - in Group I  of 2013 Scans from Cuke Archives

DC thinks these are lectures Trudy was working with and Marian seems to confirm it. There's

Index of the earliest known apparently verbatim transcripts of Shunryu Suzuki lectures

Here's the first one dated JULY 8, 1965.  - A light edit of this lecture

July 15, 1965

July 22, 1965

July 26, 1965-ABC - not part of Trudy's box. Was already in the archive.

August 5, 1965  - a light edit of this lecture

August 12, 1965

August 19, 1965

August 26, 1965

September 9, 1965

September 16, 1965

October 7, 1965

June 23, 1966

Suzuki lectures

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