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12-01-06 - Buddhist delegation to Columbia Peace Movement
co-sponsored by the
Fellowship of Reconciliation and the Buddhist Peace Fellowship

11-30-06 - nuts vote for Bush, a shocking study.

11-27-06 - If you care about honest elections, read OpEdNews Exclusive - Clear Evidence 2006 Congressional Elections Hacked - Results Skewed Nationwide In Favor of Republicans by 4 percent, 3 million votes - By Rob Kall of the Election Defense Alliance.  See Rigged Elections.

11-26-06  AMERICA 101 (on Common Dreams) By Bill Moyers (Wikipedia link). This guy speaks to the heart of our social, political, spiritual, etc dilemmas, a real modern wise man and hero. He covers a lot of important ground in this talk. One might say, this ain't Zen. I came here cause it's a Zen site. But look at it this way: there are two wheels to the temple and I've chanted "may they turn eternally," in days when I chanted more. The two wheels are the dharma wheel and the economic wheel. We tend to think of Zen as being the dharma. But the economic wheel assures that there's a roof over our heads and food in our bowl, and clean air to breathe and pure water to drink and that there isn't social chaos or debilitating despotism and so forth so that we may be of sound, untroubled mind and body enough to awaken to. Moyers really covers both wheels though this talk definitely emphasizes big problems with the American economic wheel. Read on and revolt! - DC

Bill Moyers is president of the Schumann Center for Media and Democracy and a veteran journalist. He delivered these remarks in San Diego on October 27 to the Council of Great City Schools , an organization of the nation’s largest urban public school systems.

11-11-06 - A Topic in the Air but One That Political Candidates Declined to Touch: Torture of Prisoners NYTimes - in which PETER STEINFELS suggests "Let all interrogations be videotaped."

Another excerpt:

at the founding conference, in Princeton last January, of the National Religious Campaign Against Torture. Prominent religious leaders, Protestant (both mainline and evangelical), Roman Catholic, Eastern Orthodox, Jewish and Muslim, issued a statement, "Torture Is a Moral Issue,"

"Torture violates the basic dignity of the human person that all religions, in their highest ideals, hold dear. It degrades everyone involved — policy makers, perpetrators and victims. It contradicts our nation's most cherished values. Any policies that permit torture and inhumane treatment are shocking and morally intolerable. Nothing less is at stake in the torture abuse crisis than the soul of our nation. What does it signify if torture is condemned in word but allowed in deed? Let America abolish torture now — without exceptions." 

Here's the link, but you've got to sign up.

11-08-06 -  Day after the election. Unhappy day for the Meddling Demons. Happy Day for Beings Revolted by Reckless Random Rapacious Rape of the Realm. It's probably hopeless, and yet look at the dancing monk!


See Rigged Elections.

10-19-06 -
Habeas Corpus...
("the Great Writ" June 15, 1215 - October 17, 2006)
tee shirts
with large & small black-on-white or white-on-black graphics
available in the current events section
of the Cuke Basket.

Wear your grief.

and yesterday's Keith Olbermann
 on the Military Commissions Act of 2006
is worth reading or seeing - strong stuff.

10-18-07 - Henry Rollins-"freedom is under attack!"

10-17-06 - The Day Habeas Corpus Died.
(a digression into current events)

America Has Freaked Out!!!!
click thumbnail to enlarge. This image from here.

Today President Bush signed into law
the Military Commissions Act of 2006 which, it looks like to me, gives him absolute dictatorial power for no good reason. Why didn't the democrats who opposed this filibuster?

This is a What did you do? moment.
There might be a lot of them with this government but this is to me the biggest.

See what Keith Olbermann and his guest Jonathon Turley of George Washington had to say on MSNBC Countdown, the Day Habeas Corpus Died. The video link is Countdown-King George.

Video-WMP Video-QT

For one thing, Turley said, "The Congress just gave the president despotic powers and you could hear the yawn across the country." He said George Bush has just been made an absolute ruler. He said that Madison said that the constitution provided protections so strong that we could be ruled by devils and we would be protected. Those protections have been eliminated. The President or the Secretary of Defense (or anyone they designate) can now arrest anyone in the world or the US whom he deems an enemy combatant or even someone who has given "material support" to the enemy, and this person can just disappear with no charges and no rights. And they can be tortured because the president now defines what that is. 

I could put up lots of other links. Look into it. I urge you to do what you can - write, call your Senator and Representative and newspaper. Protest. Don't stop. Or, leave the country. Hmm. That sounds like a good alternative. Good luck. - DC

10-15-06 - says check out Kinky Friedman for Governor of Texas! Check out his ads. His campaign motto at one time was "How hard can it be?" Kinky was the head of the Texas Jewboys whose big hit was "Why Don't They Make Jews Like Jesus Anymore?" He's also written some really good detective novels. Oh oh - he's in trouble for "racist" remarks. He's an old civil rights advocate. Wonder what that's about. - fellow Texan DC


10-07-06 -  Warmongers' Atonement

As for those who've planned this war (since the 90s), lied, cajoled, persuaded to war, insisted on war, the war-monger President, VP, Sec. of Defense, of State, the advisors who pushed it - those of us at suggest a compassionate Christian, Buddhist, Islamic, general spiritual/religious or humanistic approach to their punishment, their consequences, their atonement:

Do not lock them up. First, stop them from spreading their violence and then, let them do community service. We suggest they work in veteran's hospitals and serve the wounded - until they are too old or infirm to do so - and then they too will be nursed and attended to until their days on this planet are no more.

May all those who supported this war and who profited from it take care of the wounded veterans and civilians from every country until the last one has passed.


US Casualties Rise Sharply - WaPo 10-08-06

Norman Solomon on the Loud Clear Voice of Iraq Vets.

Iraq Coalition Casualty Count

Casualties in Iraq on

Wounded Iraqis left Broken and Burdened - WaPo

Iraqis wounded in US and British Air Strikes

And there's so much more - find it for yourself - endless slaughter and maiming.

10-05-06 - Check out  World Can't Wait Drive Out the Bush Regime day of marches - Get the Folk Out! Today!
Pro Bushite dungeon & torture Buddhist submissions encouraged.

10-01-06 - Madness in the USA!
"Freedom,  darling - democracy, keep you safe, precious," said the Red Queen. Then, her smile turning into a scowl, she howled, "Off with their heads!"

Relevant links on this madness:

The Death of the First American Republic - truthout/perspective

Robert Scheer: Rice More Sordid Than Foley - Truthdig

Habeas Corpus, R.I.P. (1215 - 2006) By Molly Ivins - Truthdig

In Case I Disappear By William Rivers Pitt - t r u t h o u t | Perspective

9-27-06 - Thom Hartmann on the history and importance of habeas corpus which curtailed the defining power of tyrants - to arrest and hold anyone they wanted without giving a reason.


9-26-06 - A message from Taigen Dan Leighton - DAN ELLSBERG to speak Tuesday, Sept. 26, 12:30 pm; Weekly and Anti-Torture Teach-in/ Vigil at UC Berkeley Boalt Hall Law School

9-11-06 - See Robert Scheer's Truth Dig editorial on 911 plus video tribute. Notice his related Links. Also, read NYT's Paul Krugman and Huffington Post's many links and articles including London Times' Simon Jenkens - Giving Terrorism What it Craves.

9-09-06 - Received this nifty item today: Check out this scathing rant by George Carlin. It takes a few minutes to download, but be patient, it's worth it. -- or try the video link: - Cheers, Ken at the BUREAU OF PUBLIC SECRETS, P.O. Box 1044, Berkeley CA 94701, USA - - "Making petrified conditions dance by singing them their own tune."

9-06-06 - Oh no! Methane bubbling up faster than we thought and this time from permafrost! Run! Run!

9-05-06 -
Ouch! - another snowballing global warming item, a science report from the BBC plus some reflections on global warming blues. 

Rigged Elections - earlier posts on Current Events about election fraud and voter suppression.

6-28-06 - Military Families Speak Out

6-17-06 - An official point of view: we should pay attention to global warming like we would a boulder above us about to fall. By we I mean SFZC folk, Zennies in general, Buddhists, Spiritual seekers, and humanoids. If we keep leaving it up to inanimate corporations and their lackeys, we may be doomed to inanimaty. It may be too late and too hard, but why not give it at least a hail Mary. More tomorrow or at least Monday if I don't get it in before going off for the day. Doing some Aluminati visiting. Should do an Aluminati update. Luv. dc

6-15-06 - Liz Wolf's anarchist son is having trouble with the fascists who run this nasty government. Oh sorry, did I stoop to name-calling? OK. Take out the "anarchist" from that sentence. His name's Josh Wolf. He is a journalist. He took footage of protests over a G-8 Summit and now the FBI and the Justice Department and a grand jury are threatening him with jail is he doesn't hand his film over. Check it all out on his web site the Josh Wolf Grand Jury page. Here's an article from the SF Weekly called Should Journalist Josh Wolf be Afraid? There's a typo in that article for sure. His footage is not of a July 8,2006 protest in SF against the G8 summit in Scotland. It was 2005.

5-12-06 - Dean Kamen's amazing power plants. Thanks to JRIII in FW.

5-11-06 - Save the Internet! Really. Evil forces are lurking. Act now.

5-03-06 - On Mexico's Intent to Legalize All Drugs - which they didn't do - for now.

5-02-06 - On Steven Colbert's talk at the White House Press Correspondents Dinner.

4-21-06 - Thanks to Jessica Parker for emailing the following two photos of yesterday's demonstration - estimates of 2000 to 4000 on hand to meet Pres Bush in St Helena, Napa County, CA where he came to relax for a day. His motorcade was late and took a back road so only a few people were on hand to chant something about impeaching him has he arrived at a distance.

The photos feature Andrew Atkeison and wife Rosie in terrific masks they made of George and Laura Bush. The gals we ran into are in the first photo. Jessica Parker is on the one on the left and her friend Christina on the right (of the left photo). On the right of the right photo is Point Reyes cabinetmaker Richard Vacha in camouflage. That's me, DC, with the World Suicide Club sign. 

Click thumbnails to enlarge.

This is what my sign should have looked like but it was okay. You can get t-shirts sporting that message by going to Cuke Basket - WSC. I plan to jazz up these shirts when I can get Andy Ferguson of Zen's Chinese Heritage over here - he knows photo shop really well. Go to the World Suicide Club News for more on the WSC.

4-19-06 - We're going to meet President Bush tomorrow - well, probably we'll just be stuck in a "Free Speech Zone." Read today's World Suicide Club News.


4-12-06 - Check out Greg Palast's comment on the Rumsfeld must resign trip. Check out his site. This frequent BBC contributor (whose exposes of voter fraud in America they don't show in America, only in England)has a web site well worth following. - DC

4-17-06 - Check out West Point Grads against the war. And read Eisenhower's quotes on their home page.

A suggestion - Generals and other people are calling for Rumsfeld to go. That's a good idea, but to get to the root of the problem, I also think the President and VP should resign today or be impeached and then, along with their supporters including lots of the media, should spend the rest of their lives working in veteran's hospitals. - DC

2-14-06 - Cindy Sheehan returns to the SF Bay Area.

2-08-06 - Thursday, February 9
UC Berkeley Campus, Boalt Hall

Buddhist Peace Fellowship Teach-In and Vigil on American Torture and the Dictatorial Presidency.

Taigen Dan Leighton and an impressive list of speakers starting this week.

1-28-06 - One more diversion - The Center for stopping Alito. On the other hand, if you're in favor of him, go here.

1-27-06 - Call your US Senators or call them all to urge them to either #1 support the filibuster against Alito or #2 not support it if you want to give more power to Bush and his buddies and their agenda for decades. Check out No Crony for more on this. Here's one who feels we're on a dangerous march to fascism that is worth at least a few phone calls to impede. - DC

1-22-06 - Even More on Global Warming from JR in Ft. Worth.

1-21-06 - this week's New Dimensions radio interview  program is on "A Holistic Approach to Global Warming: A sincere and energetic group of college students have found a way to deal with one of the gravest of threats facing our world today, by addressing the problem at its roots, bringing people with diverse viewpoints together--and having a lot of fun along the way."<>The program can be heard via the Internet thru January 29. - thanks to Andrew Main for the tip.

1-20-06 - A hopeful response to Lovelock's pessimistic view from Taigen.

New links for the 3 articles below

1-20-06 - Oh oh! A bad prediction from the creator of Gaia theory, disaster from global warming.
James Lovelock: The Earth is about to catch a morbid fever that may last as long as 100,000 years - read his article in the online UK Independent. Prepare for "The Revenge of Gaia."

Read Environment in crisis: :"We are past the point of no return" and Why Gaia is Wreaking Revenge on Our Abuse of the Environment from the same rag.

1-16-06 - California is going to execute another prisoner tonight, actually at one minute after tomorrow. This time it's a legally blind, infirm seventy-five year old man who uses a wheel chair. Talk about pointless bloodlust. It's hopeless, but if you wish to do something hopeless, call California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger at (916)445-2841. Sorry - it's a holiday and they're closed.

While you're at it, call your senators (can't get through on the 16th - message boxes full)and tell them, if you are so inclined, to not let extremist Samuel Alioto be confirmed as the next supreme court justice - unless you want fertile women to be incubators for the state, unlimited power for the president, the union of fundamentalist Christian church and state, and big government and corporate interests always to trump those of individuals. On the other hand, if you want to read a more pro Alioto point of view by Deepak Chopra, then go to this link. Anyway, this is probably hopeless too. Spineless democrats.

Deepak emphasizes abortion rights too much in the article on Alioto. There's that but there are also other issues of great importance such as presidential power, favoring big government and business over the individual, separation of church and state, and just the general march to fascism. I think that concentrating too much on the abortion issue weakens the case against Alioto. But he'll probably get in so I hope this optimistic view of him proves to be true.

Posted by: Dchadwick on Huffington Post
January 16, 2006 at 02:42pm

1-02-06 - Eric Alterman in the Nation on how the Bush Administration is and always has blown it on national security, on homeland protection.

12-28-05 - Check out Jason Dusek's blog wherein he compares the new moves of the government to spy on us with an event in Roman history.






12-21-05 - These are the times that try us. Reading and hearing the news these days, I decided I want to emphasize one point that I think should be stressed by those wishing to check the abuse of power by the executive branch of the US government. That message is this:

The Bush Administration is inept at fighting the war on terror. They are increasing the danger while plundering the commons. They should be impeached primarily for how poorly they are defending the country, for putting Americans in many types of danger. - DC

12-12-05 - Last day to save STANLEY "TOOKIE" WILLIAMS

an email from the SFZC outreach office

11-18-05 Save Stanley Tookie Williams from execution. The other day I said save Kevin Cooper. But Tookie Williams case is more pressing. He is going to be executed December 13th unless the governor does something. He's clearly another case of a redeemed man. Again, seems like a lot of so-called Christians don't believe in either redemption or the commandment against killing.

11-22-05 - Cindy Sheehan,

Not One More Mother's Child
Reading and Booksigning
Introduced by Maxine Hong Kingston

Saturday December 3 - 7:30 p.m.
Berkeley Jewish Community Center
Walnut and Vine

Organized by Black Oak Books

Thank you! - See more on Cindy and this book just down a bit on this page

11-21-05 Today's link is the Information Clearing House's home page. It's solid. Check out the Must Watch 5 min. video: Our President is a liar?

A way to help in Pakistan

from Elizabeth Sawyer of Back Porch Zendo.

Dear Friends, 

My friend came with a brilliant idea to get emergency blankets to Pakistan before winter.  He contacted the manufacturer of Heatsheets, used by marathon runners, and Mercy Corps, and arranged for 26,000 balnkets to be shipped to the earthquake ravaged zone.  The blankets cost $1 each including shipping and will each protect two people... A lot of bang for the buck. 

The address to send a contribution to is:

Mercy Corps 
(Refer to this department so the contribution gets routed to this project)

3015 SW 1st Avenue
Portland OR 97291


11-16-05 To understand the subject of intelligent design more deeply, please go to the site for The Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster.

11-15-04 - Go to Save Kevin Cooper to read about a man either scheduled to be executed for a crime he didn't do, or someone who is clearly rehabilitated and. It surprises me that politicians who often invoke the names of "god" and "Jesus" have so little faith in redemption. Also on this site are his writings.

For more on this go to the Campaign to end the Death Penalty.

11-07-05 - A Bay Area Event to Launch Not One More Mother's Child, by Cindy Sheehan
published by Koa Books

Friday, November 18, 7 p.m. - "Turning the Tide: Taking on Bush's Wars at Home and Abroad," at UC Berkeley, VLSB Room #2050, Donation requested at door. Contact, Todd Chretien 510-590-6073

More on Not One More Mother's Child

10-28-05 - Must read letter in by Lawrence B. Wilkerson who served as chief of staff to Secretary of State Colin L. Powell from 2002 to 2005. It's called The White House Cabal. Originally published in the LA Times Tuesday 25 October 2005.[ Go to Original ]. The Truthout page with the damning letter by Mr. Wilkerson also includes an interview with him and links to other materials. This is the meat of the problem at the bottom of Scooter Libby's indictments. It's the worst accusations of abuse of power from the highest ranking official one could have hoped for.

I searched Google to get a photo of Wilkerson but only came up with a couple of images of grave markers. That was chilling. I'm sure the reckless neocons would love to see him six feet under. - DC

10-21-05 - Who Didn't Get it Wrong? Lost this - just made the point that tons of us knew - had the biggest march and demo I ever saw in SF that went unreported. Weapons inspectors, millions knew it was BS. (on WMDs and what a threat Iraq was to the US and England)

9-01-05 - Information on the conditions in Mississippi and New Orleans, various charities, and ways to donate to the relief effort


6-20-05 - Another t-shirt to balance the anti-administration sentiment of the first one - "Ignore the Downing Street Memo". In response to irate Republican Buddhist emails we present the other side of the Downing Street controversy. Again, go to the Cuke Basket at Cafe Press - take your side and proudly display it.

6-12-05 - Go to the Cuke Basket at Cafe Press to find an exiting new development here at We start off this new venture with a political question on t-shirts and soon, other items, which sport the image seen below with the piercing question: What's the Downing Street Memo?  When you buy these timely t-shirts etc, you'll spread the question everybody should consider (as far as I'm concerned) and help to support and more mischief.


5-13-05 - The future of PBS

5-08-05 - The Cost of the War in Iraq counter will remain at the top section of this page. Check out the site and what else the money could buy. I've moved the Iraq Body Count back up here too. I would like a US Body Count as well and would like to include the physically and mentally wounded as well. I'm sure there's a lot on the web I could link to for that. - DC

4-26-05 - In addition to the Drug Policy Alliance mentioned below on 2-27-05, check out the Marijuana Policy Project. Both organizations emphasize "harm reduction" meaning their goal is to reduce the harm from the war on drugs as well as the drugs. Of course the war on drugs causes a great deal more harm than the drugs as it did even during the prohibition of alcohol which is infinitely more harmful than marijuana.

Check out the Future of Food film announcement on the Back Porch Zendo page.

3-24-05 - Go to the Fellowship of Reconciliation website and read about the Massacre in San José de Apartadó and what you can do about it. The president of this peace community has for some reason publicly stated that this village is connected with the FARC guerillas, 130 of its members have been killed, and the State Dept. has put a temporary hold on continued military aid due at least in part to the massacre there. This is a good time to act. - DC

3-9-05 - Buddhist Peace Fellowship Vigil for those who've died in Iraq at the American Friends Service Committee exhibit  late March and April in San Francisco and Seattle.

And please go to the article on the BPF site about the massacre in San Jose de Apartado where Sarah Weintraub  works with the Fellowship of Reconciliation’s Colombia Peace Presence Project. Sarah is the daughter of SFZC abbess Linda Cutts and Steve Weintraub.

Read Robert Scheer's LA Times articles here. He's always right on to my mind and to Taigen's. I just put this link above the dated suggestions so it will always be there and will no longer recommend or link to individual columns. I'm spending too much time on current events' links. After all, it only has to do with my trivial obsession of saving the world from destruction or an Orwellian future and I've got important things to do. - DC

Thanks to David Cohen for America Number One?

2-27-05 - The Drug Policy Alliance is a terrific group, originally funded, as I understand it, by progressive philanthropist George Soros, which works toward reducing the harm from drugs and the war on drugs. Go to this website and check them out. Especially right now look at what they're doing to combat the attack on AARP.

2-25-05 - Clay Chadwick's (13) report for his biology class on Preeminent Scientists Protest Bush Administration's Misuse of Science.

Taigen's Peace and Justice Page.

2-23-05 - More on the World Suicide Club, namely comments on the old WSC newsletter and nuclear annihilation.

And three more entries to Taigen's Peace and Justice Page.

2-20-05 - Day one of Taigen's Peace and Justice Page in which the emails and links we receive from him here at will be posted. Thanks for all the hard work Taigen. He didn't ask me to do this, I just feel an itch to do something but don't have the time and realized that putting his stuff up here this way was the best thing I could do right now in this area. - DC

1-05-05 - Go to Development to see DC's comments on Hamlin Piper's heinous attempts to stop people from supporting

12/30/04 - A friend of mine has been encouraging me to bring back news of the World Suicide Club (the largest most powerful organization on earth, working toward the elimination of all higher forms of life through global thermonuclear war) which I spent a lot of time on in 1980 when I was working on the Nuclear Freeze movement. The WSC, of course, strongly opposed the Nuclear Freeze, but just sort of laughed at our efforts to save the world. Their motto "All at once," and slogan, "It's going to happen," (or was that vice-versa?) reveal the smugness of this nefarious outfit. Seems they've been working hard since then and now have the world in their group I mean grip. I don't know how much further this can go these busy and broke days, but take a look at one of the WSC's logos or was this the decal? In the old days there was a newsletter, bumper sticker, decal, a record, t-shirts, and a membership package. Now there's just this page to go to. But don't be fooled. The WSC has confidence that the human race just can't help but destroy itself and a great deal of other life as well. Go to Maybe more will follow. Site-wise, this is a Digression but is it a Current Event? I say yes. - DC

9/05/04 - Check out Election Countdown Calendar Dot Com [discontinued after the election - maybe I'll archive it here in a while] which is the beginning of the end for this section as a part of We will see how it works out. But I'm digging ECCDC. - DC of CC

7/30/04 - In Defense of Bush

7/20/04 - Buddhist Peace Fellowship notice: BPF Members and Buddhist Activists to Meditate at Democratic and Republican Conventions; Join 275-Mile Peace Walk from Boston to New York

6/28/04 - Condom Wars By Doug Ireland, LA Weekly

6/24/04 - A digression - Read Rex Reed's review of Fahrenheit 911.  See it this weekend.

5/31/-4 - Happy Memorial Day

5/15/04 - Hi. Back from the Noh Race at Tassajara. Please excuse me for contaminating the purity of this obscure Buddhist archival site with mere petty politics, but I want you to read this FOX interview with John Kerry which was recommended by Taigen who has reservations about Kerry but thought this article well demonstrated that he is a far cry from Bush.

5/10/04 - Reflections on the Horrible Photos from Iraq

5/05/04 - Species Threats - The two biggest threats to the species, neither of which are being discussed or dealt with by major candidates or media. Your read it here on

4/23/04 - NEWS FLASH!!! - Terry Jones of Monty Python on why we're in the mess we're in.


Common Dreams NewsCenter, the official website of Michael Moore

Check out the real news... [Taken from Michael Moore's website]
Media ChannelThe Onion
In These TimesBuzzFlashHarpers
CursorBBC News Americas
Guardian Unlimited
This Modern WorldAntiwar

8/132/04 - At the recommendation of some syndicated columnist whom I can't remember who it was, check out:,

5/02/03 - Thanks to Taigen Dan Leighton for the following note and links [the ones I already had were Common Dreams and Democracy Now.

And here are some other links for your current events reading pleasure: Democracy in action. - Our international network of more than 2,000,000 online activists is one of the most effective and responsive outlets for democratic participation available today.


Capitol Hill Blue

The Washington Monthly Online -   - especially look for "Practice to Deceive" has collected much of the magazine's coverage of the terrorist attacks and their aftermath and added a selection of relevant articles from The New Yorker's archive.

4/24/03 - Thanks to Dr Alastair J. Reid, Girton College, Cambridge, for the following links: First, from his own - Don't expect democracy this time: Japan and Iraq,.
He also adds:
One more link you might consider is to the Cambridge (UK)-based Campaign Against Sanctions on Iraq at It is a very authoritative source of information, often being the first to publish leaks from the UN. See brief correspondence between Dr. Reid and DC on Crooked Cucumber.

Thanks to Jim Labosky in Palmyra, PA for the following:

In reference to your 'Question to Readers' in the Current Events section... I think if it matters to you (which obviously it does) then you should keep the section on your site. Anyone who would focus on the 'present' in these weird times needs FACTS... which are sadly missing from the mainstream press. I've been using and (which I don't think you have listed) and, more recently, Information Clearinghouse. Of course you still have to pick through the opinions, but even The English Aljazeera site [or try Cursor's Aljazeera Link] has more factual info than Fox News or CNN!

Thanks for the wealth of info on Suzuki. I visit your site often.

4/19/03 - A reader is turned off by the slant of this page. DC responds. 

A question to readers - Should I even bother with a page like this when there's so much stuff elsewhere on the internet and in other media about all this? Should I keep the focus of more disciplined? - DC 

Neil Rubenking's comment on the Iraq civilian casualty counter and other stuff

4/16/03 - Today's article by Arianna Huffington and a comment by Abe Lincoln, and, in war humor, an apology by Natalie Maines of the Dixie Chicks.

A reader's Comment on the Iraq Body Count update above. And thanks to him for sending this link: - Bringing Iraqi war criminals to justice

4/11/03 - an interview with Noam Chomsky on the Iraq War

It only hurts when I laugh

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