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From JR in Ft. Worth, titled Viridian Note 00457: Broken Rabble.

[This material was before the Lovelock article on Global Warming Doom. - DC]

Brutal Warlords

Key concepts: James Lovelock, predictions of imminent climatic doom

Attention Conservation Notice: James Lovelock is in his mid-80s, so won't live to see any of this utter mayhem he's prophesying.

Fortune: "Stormy with a Chance of Chaos"
(((BP honcho Lord Browne sums up the task at hand:
"Build 700 nuclear stations to replace fossil-fuel-
burning power plants, or increasing the use of solar
power by a factor of 700, or stopping all deforestation
and doubling present efforts at reforestation. Achieve
all three of these, and pull off four more equally
large-scale reallocations of capital and
infrastructure, and the world would probably stabilize
its carbon emissions."  Better get after it, then.)))

Wired:  "Danger Zones"
(((Alan Wexelblat remarks: "Here's a Wexelblat Disaster
in the making. The permafrost supporting the trans-
Alaska pipeline is melting.  Reports say that up to
1/3 of the uprights are already out of alignment and
it's just going to get worse.  In theory you can fix
them, but if the permafrost keeps being NON-perma,
it's hugely unclear how to anchor the damned thing.")))

Lest we forget why we mysteriously 'dawdled past
the point of no  return':

Eager to save the wreck of civilization at the scrim
of the melting ice cap?  So are the Norwegians:

Source: Independent newspaper, editorial

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