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Climate Change

9-05-06 - Ouch! - another snowballing global warming item, a science report from the BBC. I notice two disturbing tendencies in global warming science news - one, as I dubbed this one, snowballing - in other words, it's going faster and faster or worse and worse. I'm always reading things like, "Scientists were shocked at new findings showing that the ice is melting at a much faster rate than they had thought and that the acceleration of this rate is climbing faster than prior models suggested."  Number two is unexpected consequences as in "up to now scientists had thought that the amount of CO2 would benefit the oceans and easily be assimilated by them but new findings reveal this to be a major threat to coral reefs and shellfish," or  "Unexpected warming of the ocean floor is releasing methane, a 20 times stronger greenhouse gas than CO2,  at an accelerating rate which is what brought on the Jurassic which would be a tad hot for human life."

Anyway, I just keep going on blithely doing what I do but I keep getting this little voice in my head which says to drop everything to prepare for global warming. Not that it's not all like a dream and hopeless anyway, but I think it's good form to do our best and be supportive of the earth and all but, in terms of this web site, I suspect that someday there will be a breakdown in the energy grid and that all digital memory will die and that anything we really want archived should be etched in stone. Oh well, we've always got emptiness and dependent co-origination. Darn, I should have believed them when they said that we can't take refuge in phenomena.

But when you're down about it all, there's always George Carlin's "The Planet's Fine," to reflect on. Here's a link to some of it.

9-05-06 - Oh no! Methane bubbling up faster than we thought and this time from permafrost! Run! Run!

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