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Current Events/Engaged Buddhism

Occupy Santa Rosa - October 15, 2011

Joined in on Occupy Santa Rosa yesterday.  - dc

Article in Santa Rosa Press Democrat on the event.

Dylan Ratigan on Constitutional Moments: The People's Voice

Matt Taibbi Lists The 5 Things The Occupy Wall Street Protesters Should Demand

Four photos of the event by Howie Klein

DC with Barton Stone (see Barton's cuke interview)

Clay Chadwick with sign made by Elin Chadwick

Clay and David with Elin's signs and Andrew Atkeison with his Follow the Money sign. David who appears to be looking at pretty girl in front of him is actually meditating on the paramitas.

A better view of Andrew Atkeison with his Follow the Money sign plus photocopies of $100 bills. I was going to turn Andrew in for copying money but read this on Yahoo Answers which I assume is true:

It was illegal many years ago go photocopy US currency, but that law was done away with. You can photocopy US currency, but it's illegal to pass it off as legal tender.

- dc

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