Cuke Audio Podcasts

Cuke Audio is a project of Cuke Archives
preserving the legacy of Shunryu Suzuki and those whose paths crossed his
- and anything else that comes to mind.

  • Tuesday: Reading drafts from a work in progress - Tassajara Stories. Before that read chapters from Crooked Cucumber: Life and Zen Teaching of Shunryu Suzuki - with comments
  • Thursday: Life in Bali with guests
  • Saturday: phone chats with Zen related guests
  • M/W/F: Mini-podcasts vignettes - currently reading from Zen Is Right Here the Life and Zen Teaching of Shunryu Suzuki

Podcasts up to Now [this page in progress October 2020. dc ]

Guests on Zen related podcasts listed in order of most recent (Click name for their Cuke page; podcast links go to Cuke Audio Podbean, our host. Click ⇵ headings to sort.)

When ⇵ Then Who/Links ⇵ Later
2020-11-28 Paul Discoe Paul Discoe | Podcast Paul Discoe
2020-11-21 Robert Halpern | Podcast
2020-11-15 Mel Weitsman (another chat) | Podcast
2020-11-08 Erik Storlie | Podcast
2020-10-30 Paul Lee | Podcast
2020-10-24 Arnie Kotler | Podcast
2020-10-10 Richard Levine | Podcast  
2020-10-03 Loring Palmer | Podcast
2020-09-26 Daya (Dianne) Goldschlag | Podcast
2020-09-19 Jack Elias | Podcast
2020-09-12 Lew Richmond | Podcast
2020-09-05 (Remembering) Della Goertz | Podcast
2020-08-29  Barton Stone | Podcast
2020-08-22 (Remembering) Yvonne Rand | Podcast
2020-08-15  Les Kaye | Podcast
2020-08-08  Bill Porter | Podcast
2020-08-01  Steve Tipton | Podcast
2020-07-25 Willard Mike Dixon | Podcast
2020-07-18 Peter and Jane Schneider | Podcast
2020-07-11  Danny Parker | Podcast
2020-07-04  Paul Rosenblum | Podcast
2020-06-27  Vanja Palmers | Podcast
2020-06-20 Mel Weitsman | Podcast
2020-06-13  Richard Jaffe | Podcast
2020-06-06   Kazuaki Tanahashi (and Fred Harriman) | Podcast
2020-06-06   Fred Harriman | Podcast
2020-05-30  Taigen Dan Leighton | Podcast
2020-05-24 Edward Brown | Podcast
2020-05-15 Paul Shippee | Podcast
2020-05-05 Peter SchneiderPeter Schneider and Fred Harriman | Podcast 
2020-04-21  Eugene Bush of the Santa Cruz ZC and Arcata Zen Group | Podcast
2020-04-14 Paul DiscoePaul Discoe and Mel Weitsman | PodcastPaul Discoe

For the first ten weeks there was one podcast a week uploaded on a Tuesday. They were like a variety podcast. The first podcast titled May All Beings Be Happy was a general introduction.

After that, there were six a week and settled into a schedule which continued with a chapter and comments on Crooked Cucumber on Tuesdays. See the Notes on Crooked Cucumber page for links to online text and podcast chapter readings with comments by DC.

See Anecdotes from Zen Is Right Here for links to online text and podcasts of chapters from the book Zen Is Right Here.

This page created July 10, 2020