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Excerpts from Tomato Blessings and Radish Teachings: Recipes and Reflections

Stories of Edward's life and practice at Tassajara and with his teacher, Shunryu Suzuki

Edward's Peaceful Sea Sangha web site.

3-06-11 - A testimonial to Jack Elias's hypnotherapeutic work - Finding True Magic - as told to DC by Ed Brown.

On his shaking and Suzuki - in Brief Memories


[These excerpts are available here with the generous permission of Ed Brown. They are copyrighted, of course, and should not be printed or used for commercial purposes without his permission. - DC] on Amazon

1    Introduction by DC

2    A Path in Life

3    When You Wash the Rice, Wash the Rice

4    Meeting the Zen Master

5    The Trouble with Thinking

6    Homemade Bread Touches My Heart

7    Secrets Rarely Revealed: the Pots Come Clean

8    To See Virtue, You Have to Have a Calm Mind

9    Face to Face Encounter

10  Nurturing the Heart

11  Potato Fiascoes

12  Rotten Pickles

13  Unearthing Greed

14  Coming to Your Senses

15  Anger Appears Unannounced

16  The Unwanted Guest Returns

17  The Roshi Moves a Rock

18  The Workers Rebel, the Real Work Deepens

19  Empowering People to Cook

20  Finding Out That Food is Precious

21  An Offering

22  Suzuki Roshi Breaks a Tooth

23  Feeling Your Way Along

24  The Benefits of Watermelon

25  I'll Always Be With You

The selections below were not included in the book

26  Still I Go On Like This 

27  Feeling Your Way Along

28  No Longer Immune

29  Open Doorway

30  The True Spirit of the Grain

31  October 12, 1990

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