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On Death and Dying
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Dchad response to
Loring to Dchad on Santhara
Dchad to Loring mentioning suicide in response to
An Email from Loring Palmer in Response to
Dchad Misc On the deaths of two

Loring's response to this

Yes, something worth pursuing.

Thanks for the Jain tip. I did one of their pilgrimage hikes a few years ago - can't figure out where by a quick check on net - a day away from Calcutta.

I like the word Santhara but am only interested in it for the dying or close - Santhara light maybe - but the particulars aren't really my biz.

There's a book I want to look into - something like leading the good life but that's not it - a lot of people know about it - some couple on the East Coast where the guy stopped eating when he was old. This should be discussed as part of a living will.

Yes I'd be interested in hearing Joan's opinion and yes I know her. We get along well.

You take care.


Loring's response to this

On Death and Dying
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