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The City Center Neighborhood

A Selection of articles from the Wind Bells more or less focusing on the neighborhood can be found on the following pages in the Wind Bells listed below. This is the result of a search for the word "neighborhood" in Wind Bells from 1968 on.


These links go to the PDFs of the entire Wind Bells so note the page numbers. Intend to make excerpts to link to. - dc


Wind Bell 70-71 Fall Winter


Whole issue on city practice at Page Street

Especially pp11-14


Wind Bell 72 - pp27-28 - brief City Center report


Wind Bell 73 - p23 New City Park planned


Wind Bell 74 - How we support our activity pp23-24


Wind Bell 75 - Summer - Beginnings-The Neighborhood Foundation, Koshland Community Park, the Green Gulch Green Grocer pp16-25


Wind Bell 76 - Summer - Indside Out, Richard Baker lecture p10

And an article on Koshland Park p23


Wind Bell 78-79 Winter - The Neighborhood Foundation (TNF) pp18-20


Wind Bell 87-2 Fall - Neighborhood Organization p37

Hospice work pp38-39


Wind Bell 88-1 Spring - Selling the grocery store and some buildings, downsizing pp30-32


Wind Bell 93-1 Spring -  A Conversation with Homeless Advocate Tony Patchell pp37-53


Wind Bell 93-2 Fall - Racism and Buddhist Practice pp25-34


Some thoughts about ZC and Race - Mel Weitsman pp40-45


Wind Bell 96-2 Summer - On the Zafu, Off the Zafu, Out of the Door by Barbara Wenger pp20-27


Zen Center Looses a Giant Friend by Barbara Wenger pp32-33


Wind Bell 2007 - Practicing the Way on the Wayside on Jana Draka - pp10-13