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5-03-08 - Free-floating Mainstream Madness

Thinking about Steve Tipton's new book

Public Pulpits: Methodists and Mainline Churches in the Moral Argument of Public Life  [See more on this]




Reflecting on what Jared Diamond said in one of his books - Guns, Germs, and Steel: the Fates of Human Societies I think - about how in organized agricultural societies, a major purpose of the priesthood is to justify secular policy such as conquest and/or the extermination of other societies and so forth.

Now, Steve's book is about what mainstream religion has to say about the war in Iraq and the present government's faith based initiatives etc - my prestigious complimentary copy hasn't arrived yet - but judging from what Steve has said to me personally and what I've read here and there, mainstream religion is not all that supportive of the government's policies in America today.

Then who is? I cogitated.

That's a thumbnail. Click to enlarge.

Guys like that. They're not mainstream really. But they're on the TV all the time talking about what Christianity has to say about politics and social policy. Why? I think it's because they are more in tune with the goals of corporate media. They support imperial government policies and fascist tendencies - I know that sounds extreme but that's always a danger we should be on guard against (unless one happens to be in favor).

But I wouldn't say that right-wing fundamentalist ministers have taken the place of the state church. I think they are just used when they're convenient by the corporate media and their front people.

Tim Russert - I know he doesn't mean to be bad. He can't help it. He's sort of under a spell I think.


Ariana Huffington is now promoting her book which talks about some of this stuff. She says the guy above won't let her come on any NBC or MSNBC show because she is tough on him, on him, on Russert. Whether that's the reason or not, they can't go having guests on their shows too much who fundamentally challenge their role as priests sanctifying conventional establishment policy.

They already have to let gate crasher and vote stealer Ralph Nader come on a little tiny bit and he's like a guy with a needle at their balloon party.


When Rev. Jeremiah Wright uses his bad negro minister metaphors about 911 and history and the US, it's billed as reason to not dare vote for anyone in his church. But when Fallwell or Robertson blame 911 on gays and on and on it's no big deal.

When McCain solicits support from Rev. John Hagee it's also no big deal.

Why the double standard?

It's not a double standard. Rev. Wright has the nerve to say that the US with it's almost 900 military bases worldwide and wars of aggression, and 25% of the world's prisoners and a public policy of torture - has done and is doing bad things that are not in accord with our highest angles. He's badmouthing American Empire.

Like Howard Zinn does.

You don't see a guy like him on the network Sunday talk shows. That's cause he's telling it like it is (according to my fair and balanced opinion).


And threat to the empire Chalmers Johnson




You don't see guys like Thom Hartmann on the network Sunday talk shows. He knows too much and can talk circles around them. He can't help it. He's written nine books on ADHD.

You don't see the ones who got it right about going into Iraq like Republican Marine weapons inspector Scott Ritter, who knew it was an old plan based on lies and deception. He actually was on the mainstream programs for a while but he wasn't pro war so he didn't last. Here's an old CNN attack on him.

Or they don't bring on Bobby Kennedy Jr. He makes too much sense.


There are so many good people like Amy Goodman out there talking about what's really happening in the political and social realm. I could go on and on - but who get's on the screen? A lot?

Here's her site.

It's not a conspiracy. It's just madness, free floating madness.

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