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Books by Steve Tipton


5-01-08 - Steve Tipton has a new book out: Public Pulpits: Methodists and Mainline Churches in the Moral Argument of Public Life. This book focuses on what mainstream Christianity has to say about the war in Iraq and the recent gov. faith based initiatives - rather than the Christian right that TV news likes. Steve was a student of Shunryu Suzuki who went on to become a leading writer on sociology and religion. He's also a long-time supporter of, the Cucumber Project and the new Shunryu Suzuki Legacy Project (name in flux). -dc link for this book.
U of Chicago Press (Publisher) link
Emory University link - where Steve teaches

Read a review
A good, short description and review here

video of Steve speaking about his book, Public Pulpits

Public Pulpits starts off this pilfered image short by dc called Floating Mainstream Madness.

Tipton, Steve. Getting Saved from the Sixties. University of California Press, Berkeley, 1982. [A Suzuki student sociologist takes a thorough and informative look at Suzuki students, EST, and a fundamentalist Christian Church.] Amazon link.

in the bibliography of Crooked Cucumber.

Look at all the books he's authored and co-authored

Co-authored - and this might not be all

Steve co-authored with Robert Bellah and others one of the maybe the best selling sociological books of modern times, Habits of the Heart.

Also with the same gang he co-authored The Good Society

And with the same minus Bellah, Meaning and Modernity: Religion, Polity, and Self

Also co-authored Family Transformed: Religion, Values, and Society in American Life

Also, Religion and America: Spiritual Life in a Secular Age

Steve Tipton's Link Page

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