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India Trip Notes

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2-08-11 - Staying near the Osho Meditation Resort in Puna but can't fork out the loot to go there - 9500 rupees to register and get HIV test and 850 a day to be there and participate to any extent wished in their many practices and programs or just enjoy their 28 acres of what I hear is idyllic paths and gardens. That would be $45 each for Clay and me for the first day and a bit over 20 a day after that and that doesn't include room and board which is exorbitant within and I hear their food is expensive though there's cheap food and lodging outside.

The Times of India had a number of feature articles on the German Bakery in this section of Puna, Koregaon Park. It was the center, the hub, the mixing and meeting place for hip Americans and Indians. A year ago on Feb. 13th, a bomb exploded there killing 17 people and wounding 65 - the biggest terrorist attack since the 2008 Mumbai bombing called 26/11. Soon the new one opens. Here's a Wikipedia link on it.

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