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2-06-11 - Kabir and Linda Hess

Sorry about the absence. Connection has been slow. But not today, got Ethernet in a snazzy place thanks to the kindness of others. Clay and I are in Puna (Pune), India, getting ready to join the third and last day of the wonderful Baajaa Gaajaa music and culture festival.

Our hostess is dear friend Linda Hess who's presentation on the mystical poet Kabir conveyed his depth and her enthusiasm.

Linda has two books with her translations of Kabir, the most recent being

Singing Emptiness: Kumar Gardharva performs the poetry of Kabir




The Bijak of Kabir is her earlier book on Kabir

Linda's Kabir Project website

Yesterday was a screening of Rajula Shaw's Sabad Nirantar:  Word within Word, a most lovely and inspiring film about farmers who sing Kabir and I guess other emptiness songs.

more to come - dc

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