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Did Shunryu and Mitsu Suzuki become Citizens? - by dc

The short answer is I don't think so but I'm not sure. It's much more likely she didn't.

I got a letter at the end of January of 08 from a woman who wanted to use a haiku of Mitsu Suzuki's if she was either deceased or had become an American citizen. Since she isn't deceased I said I thought she'd never become a citizen but I'd check. I called Peter Schneider who was an early Zen Center historian and he said he didn't think either Mitsu or Shunryu had become citizens. Then I called Otohiro Suzuki, Shunryu Suzuki's youngest and the step son of Mitsu Suzuki and he assured me that she was never a citizen as her husband never was. So I emailed the woman that info and she wrote back that she'd use a poem of Mitsu's in a future book.

Then Peter called and said that Jane remembered Suzuki Roshi saying in a lecture that he was going to become a citizen - or something like that - on the following day. She remembers him saying something like tomorrow I'll be like you or something like that. It's possible he did and didn't mention it to Otohiro. That would be just like him.

So I'll keep asking about that but even if he did I don't think Mitsu did.

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