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9/17/99--1:00 PM: From Diane Renshaw

You may be interested in a couple of websites that have current information on the Tassajara fire (it is being grouped in with the Southern California - Kirk Complex ). The National Interagency Fire Center has been posting and updating information daily; they also have an information telephone number. The URL is and the telephone number is (805) 681-2770. The California Department of Forestry has an interesting site at There you can read about fire fighting from the air, and see exactly what sort of helicopters and airplanes are at work dropping water on the flames. Also there is a section on the Conservation Camp program - we saw truckloads of these firefighters headed in to Tassajara as we left there on Wednesday.

I talked with an information officer at the phone number this morning. They have bulldozers (we saw 6-8 headed in) ready to cut firebreaks when necessary - they will base that call on life and property concerns. They will use old firelines established during the Marble-Cone fire to minimize the damage and disturbance footprint in the wilderness area. An incredible amount of human effort!

Thank you for keeping us all informed - Gassho.

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