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Andrew Main on Philip Whalen

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Thanks for your notes about Philip. Just heard today about his passing, from Joan Halifax; there will be a memorial service for him at Upaya Zen Center in Santa Fe tomorrow (Friday).

A story I remember: Ca. 1977, when Philip was Shuso at Tassajara (the year before I went there), at the City Center I heard that during Shosan ceremony (Q&A with abbot) he said to Baker-roshi, "Sometimes I feel like everyone's enlightened but me." And Roshi replied, "That's pretty good." Of course

I heard this third (or more)-hand, so I'm not certain of accuracy, but perhaps if someone who was there can corroborate it might be a nice story for Anyway, it's been one of my favorite Zen stories. I didn't know Philip well, but always appreciated his sincerity and practice. Once at Tassajara he hit me with the kyosaku, and missed and whacked the mastoid bone (behind the ear). He was terribly embarrassed, though I didn't particularly mind. He was a good man.


Thanks Andres, and thanks for the tip on the correct spelling of Gandhara. - DC

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