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On Philip's Cremation
Saturday, June 29,2002 - DC

People sat with Philip's body at the Zen Hospice at 273 Page Street until the morning of Saturday 6/29/02 when it was moved to the Woodlawn Memorial Chapel in Colma on 1000 El Camino Real in Daily City. Richard Baker conducted the cremation ceremony which was held at 10 am. About fifty people came. Michael McClure was there as well as Philip's doctor and many Zennie's doctor, Sandor Burstein, who came with his wife, Beth. A lot of old Zen folk and friends of Philips were there who I won't mention because I'll forget some. A number of people spoke up with memories of Philip, we offered flowers and raspberries, which Philip was quoted in the press as saying he wanted to be laid out in. Brit Pyland says that he said that but that he was just joking, but Virginia Baker said that there was something to it so who knows. We chanted the Heart Sutra and some other stuff and then they opened the doors to the cremator which was like a jet plane about to take off what with the hot gas flame going strong and Phillip's cardboard box was carried in and the door closed and I guess the box was sent back to the fire by some sort of contraption and we all said hello and left.

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