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Sangha News - Kobun Chino

An appeal from Kobun's dharma heir, Vanja Palmers for support for Kobun's family.

Engelberg, 1.August 2002

Dear friends,

The day before yesterday, we held a funeral service for Kobun Chino Roshi and his daughter Maya at the site of their passing on. The following night, we sat with their bodies and cremated them the next morning. That was yesterday. Today, life goes on, and we are already working on the arrangements for the family, Katrin, Tatsuko and Alyosha, to return to the USA. Considering the circumstances, they are doing amazingly well, Katrin is strong and brave. It is a big help that Yoshiko and Taido, Kobun’s children from his first marriage, came over right away.

Many of you have contacted us in these past few difficult days, offering condolences, emotional support and expressions of sympathy; many more, I’m sure, did so in their hearts only, out of respect for the family’s need to stay close and quiet, struggling as they are to deal with the traumatic events. We thank all of you very much, it was and is a great help. Some of you asked if there was anything they could do. We foresee of course a real need connected with the upbringing of two little children. This has given rise to the idea of calling upon all of Kobun’s friends and students to join in establishing the

Fund for Kobun’s Children

This is a good way to express and transform our feelings of gratitude and the urge to help. Considering how devoted he was to his wife and his children, there is no doubt, that seeing this aspect of their welfare being taken care of will free him to continue on his journey with great joy and peace of mind.

The most helpful way of doing this is a pledge to contribute a - however small - amount of money every month or year until the children reach the age of 20. This reflects most accurately the need of the family. Of course, any other way is most welcome and appreciated as well.

The technical details have to be worked out. If you have any suggestions or feel ready to make a pledge or contribution, please contact me.

Thank you very much

Vanja Palmers
Reckenbühlstr.13 CH - 6005 - Luzern Switzerland
Tel. + 41 41 240 54 38 Fax + 41 41 240 66 15

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