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Shunryu Suzuki Offline Archive
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Below is the Index and Guide for the 2016-12 Shunryu Suzuki Offline Archive, instructions on how to download it and updates since Jan. 9, 2017.



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Welcome to the
Shunryu Suzuki Digital Archive
December 2016 simplified selection


Introduction and Guide

Herein is a simplified yet complete selection of all Shunryu Suzuki lecture transcripts and audio, video, letters, calligraphy, and photos that Cuke Archives has amassed to date plus a selection of other related materials.

These files and folders function as an offline website which opens in any browser such as Chrome, Firefox, Edge, Safari, IE - or in software that reads HTML. There is a Menu Bar with links to the main sections on the top and bottom of most pages. One moves within the archive through those and other internal links which are colored maroon like this and change to purple like this once used. External Internet links are colored red like this. All of this material is found on or - and a great deal more.

Transcripts and Audio - On there are a number of different versions of the transcripts from verbatim to various levels of editing plus several audio choices for many lectures. In this simplified archive there are fewer transcript choices and just one audio version for each entry, preferring the clearest audio*. The transcripts include material other than lectures such as interviews, film transcripts, and Suzuki's comments from SFZC Wind Bells. Some transcripts from problem audio are partial with gaps, two are blank. In the transcript chart, following the dated name is a Transcript link . If an Edited Transcript link follows, the other is in almost every case a verbatim transcript, word for word, checked against audio. Almost all the edited lectures are what we call light or minimal edits for ease of reading, eliminating dead end sentence fragments or many instances of his constant use of "you know," usually not correcting grammar or changing Suzuki's word choice. Lectures which have been edited for books and Wind Bells are indicated with a WB link to the Wind Bell which it's in. Also indicated are those in the Nothing Special Selection* of lectures suggested by some who worked with them a decade and a half ago. Two lectures with no other surviving versions are from Zen Mind, Beginner's Mind - 66-00-00-AE and BE.  Details about transcript history are indicated following the text of each.

All-in-one Transcripts - All Shunryu Suzuki transcripts in one file - over 2000 single-spaced pages. These transcripts are from the default selection on which prefers the verbatim or closest to verbatim versions available.

Letters - Letters and cards in Suzuki's hand and typed. Many are also transcribed for easier reading.

Calligraphy - All the examples of Suzuki's calligraphy from the Cuke Archives with a section for some other graphics including the old Heart Sutra chant cards with kanji.

Publications starts off with links to the content of some relevant bound material not commercially available such as the SFZC Wind Bells and The Way of Eiheiji booklet that came with the two record set plus the audio from those recordings - followed by  a column of covers of published books by and about Shunryu Suzuki, by students and friends, and some Buddhist books popular with us during his lifetime.

Videos - from five films which included Shunryu Suzuki and his temples presented in whole and parts plus some recent additions. All this video can also be found at Youtube Cuke Video.

Photos - 408 from the SFZC Shunryu Suzuki photo archive, some other collections, and hundreds of stills from the films which have been sharpened to improve appearance.

Contents - list of these major sections plus sub-pages and brief descriptions.


Searching - The All-in-one Transcripts file is useful for searching. has two methods of searching transcripts which are only presented there as individual files. with its plethora of oral and written history has a site search box near the top of the Home and What's New (Blogger) pages - write the name of someone or something mentioned herein and see what comes up. Use the main search form on to find all the versions of the text and audio related to any particular entry.

This offline archive for download from Google Drive was prepared with Peter Ford who manages The December 2016 version is an upgrade and expansion of the July 2016 1st edition which was hastily put on 100 thumb drives and given to Dharma Sangha members at their Johanneshof retreat in Germany after two weeks preparation. It would be best if this superior version replaced that one. How to selectively do so will be posted on where one may also go for fixes, updates, and news regarding this simplified archive.

To download the latest version of the simplified selection of the Shunryu Suzuki Digital Archive, please send an email to with the subject "Request archive" and we'll send an invite to share it from Google Drive - with directions. If someone else copies part or all of this archive we request they send an email with the subject "Thanks for archive". Email addresses will not be shared. Directions on how to download the Offline Archive (below).

Feel free to send in comments, suggestions, requests, and please inform us about any glitches or problems.


David Chadwick
January 5, 2017

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Tassajara creek photo by Morley Baer (from the 1967 Zen in America fundraising brochure found in Early papers and print)

The Lectures section on has a number of lectures posted before was launched in May of 2009, work on transcribing problem audio, and some special selections and projects. The Shunryu Suzuki Index there links to interviews, stories, and much more.

* The 214 audio files that begin with SR and end with -R were digitized from the master reel to reel archival tapes and had the noise expertly reduced and voice enhanced at Charlie Wilson's Sonic Zen Studio in Berkeley in 2014. Those with -o after the -R have been speed adjusted by Peter Ford. The other fifty-nine (with missing reel to reel tapes) are from the 2008 digitizing at a studio in San Francisco off the special archival cassettes with subsequent work done by DC and Peter Ford.

* The 2006 Nothing Special selection of 41 lecture PDFs with 40 audio CDs done by Jean Selkirk and Celeste West was the first digitizing of Shunryu Suzuki lectures. See Shunryu Suzuki Digital Archive March, 2009 Guide.

In the last dozen years we've added 97 entries to the 2004 digital transcript archive of 313 so now there are 410. Hundreds of corrections, additions, and changes have been made this year alone. A great deal of work has also gone into improving the quality, extent, and presentation of the audio, video, and photos. Efforts continue to improve the completeness, accuracy, quality, and accessibility of the archive, expanding on the efforts of many others going back almost sixty years. See A Brief History of Archiving Shunryu Suzuki's Legacy.

* Chants from the beginning and end of lectures, if they are complete, and other non lecture audio from the original tapes are on the page for Other Audio. The page for text and audio of chants and related recordings is recent, extensive, and high quality.

SFZC = San Francisco Zen Center

 Shunryu Suzuki Dharma Talks are  licensed by the SFZC under Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 3.0 United States License.

Anyone who wants to volunteer to do tedious work on this archive please email

One time or monthly subscription tax deductible donations to Cuke Archives can be made via PayPal or check made out to Cuke Archives. Go to Cuke Archives 501c3 non profit status is with the Pacific Zen Institute and the Institute for Historical Study. Funds are needed to keep going. Much remains to be done.

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May all beings be happy, healthy, free from harm, and awakened.

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Since the whole archive is about 10GB a fast and stable Internet connection is recommended. With less capable connections, try breaking up the download into parts. Save the audio, video, and PDF folders individually. The transcript, letters, images, and all the HTM files can be done together or divided up into smaller downloads as one wishes. Google Drive may automatically divide large folders like audio and video into separate ZIP files. When all ZIP files are saved, follow the instructions on extracting below.

If downloading all at once, Google Drive will automatically separate the download into 6 ZIP files. It will say "Preparing download" and "Zipping 1 file" for a long time. Eventually 6 zip files will be downloaded. (Might need to open a larger window to see the messages.) After a while a message may appear asking to [Save] each ZIP file.

When all ZIP files are downloaded, extract them all to separate folders; for example, name the folders: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6. Create a new folder; for example, call it Combined. In each of the folders 1 through 6 there will be a folder named shunryu-suzuki-archive-2016-12. Move each of the 6 shunryu-suzuki-archive-2016-12 folders into Combined, one at a time. When done the shunryu-suzuki-archive-2016-12 inside of Combined should have all the files back in the correct folder structure.

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Page here for the July 2016 1st version of the Shunryu Suzuki Offline Digital Archive for Thumb Drive

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