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July 12, 2016

This page now outdated - go to the Flash Drive Home page for the latest

July 12, 2016 - There are already some changes that have been made to the data in the July 2016 flash drive. The two files for the film from Japan c.1935 by Nona Ransom, Shunryu Suzuki's English teacher, has been replaced by two new video files with some info in subtitles and a brief voice over from Hoitsu Suzuki. Those files will be made available for download to replace the ones you have. Or you can just go to the Video page on or, even better, the  Ransom playlist on Youtube Cuke Video.

A cosmetic change to the Video page is to fix the link to the image in the upper left so that there's not an empty image box. That image of a person walking in front of a cabin at Tassajara is now displayed on this page.

Stay tuned for how to bring your flash drive up to date.

Below is the Guide to the Shunryu Suzuki Digital Archive July 2016 simplified selection

Welcome to the
Shunryu Suzuki Digital Archive
July 2016 simplified selection


Herein are over 500 photographs and images from video and all the extant video and lectures of Shunryu Suzuki, transcripts and audio, that we at Cuke Archives have found to date.

The transcripts, audio, video, guide, and index all can function as an offline website which open in any browser such as Chrome, Firefox, Edge, Safari, IE - or in software that reads HTML All these files can also be opened from inside the folders as well. The photos only open from the folders.

Transcript and Audio folders - The transcripts (HTML or PDF) and audio for the lectures are best accessed via the Index with a list of all lectures by dated file names, titles, and with links to the transcripts and audio. The choice defaults to the lightest edit or the verbatim if no edit is available.

Video folder - The file named video within this folder is the master file and is also linked to from the Index. It is the same as what is found on

Photo folder - The photographs in the CC folder are those used in in the Suzuki bio Crooked Cucumber and those in the SR folder are identical to the selection on but lack the notes of which there are many yet to be done.

Images folder - is for stills in the Video section - those folders are the way they are to duplicate their position on the website so that the image links work.

Cover folder - file for the envelope that contains the 16GB flash drive that contains this material (14.2GB) in the original offering. (Word and PDF)

This guide is available as a word file, PDF, or html which opens in a browser like the index.

The all-transcripts-one-file has PDF and Word options. - choice defaults to the verbatim or least edited

There are a number of different versions of the lectures from verbatim transcripts to various levels of editing and several audio choices for many lectures available on, but we chose just one transcript and one audio version for each entry in this simplified selection preferring a lightly edited version of the transcripts when possible and what we thought the best audio. Some transcripts from problem audio are partial and with gaps. The quality of the audio ranges from okay to terrible. Work continues to improve the completeness, accuracy, and quality of the archive.

There are sure to be mistakes to fix and changes made in the material herein. For possible fixes, updates, and news regarding this simplified archive and more, go to

Please let me know about any problems and send any comments to


David Chadwick

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Crooked Cucumber: the Life and Zen Teaching of Shunryu Suzuki

Thank You and OK: an American Zen Failure in Japan

Zen Is Right Here: Teaching Stories and Anecdotes of Shunryu Suzuki (formerly To Shine One Corner of the World)

To Find the Girl from Perth

Color Dreams for To Find the Girl from Perth

The by Chavid Dadwick


"We're all bozos on this bus." - Firesign Theater


Check out the Shunryu Suzuki index on


Crooked Cucumber German translation:

Krumme Gurke : Leben und Lehre des Zen-Meisters Shunryu Suzuki ;

Leben und Lehren des Mannes, der Zen in den Westen brachte


Leicht überarb. Neuaufl., 1. Aufl.


Berlin : Manjughosha Ed., 2012

ISBN: 978-3-9815371-0-9


Zen Is Right Here German translation from the original – To Shine One Corner of the World:


Eine Ecke dieser Welt erhellen: Erleucht

Von Shunryu Suzuki (autor) David Chadwick (Herausgeber)

Verlag: Scherz

Bindung: Gebundene Ausgabe

ISBN: 9783502610977

Termin: Marz 2004

Hardcover-Addition by Amazone:

Paperback by KLANG & STILLE


Thanks to Peter Ford who manages for the lecture presentation with its excellent index.

Thanks to Michael Katz for the generous donation to cover basic costs.


Anyone who wants to volunteer to do tedious work on this archive please email

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May all beings be happy, awaken, and free from harm.