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Crooked Cucumber Archives
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PZI Appeal for Funds

2012 Do-it section with Support Statements - Budget - Contributors - Posts and


and check What We're Doing for more on this

There are hundreds of tasks to do. They are all written down but need to be gathered, organized, and prioritized to be listed here. This is one of the goals.

The main two goals are create as complete and clearly presented collection of Suzuki lectures and other records of his spoken and written word as possible and to present  an oral and written history of back then that's as wide, deep, and well presented as possible.

From the April 2012 appeal for support from DC:

I will:

* Find and make available in the digital and tangible archives significantly more material on Suzuki Roshi and company. This will be accomplished by working through the sizable backlog, seeking out buried lecture tapes and transcripts, extracting his words with new technology from noisy and garbled tapes, conducting more interviews with those whose lives intersected with his - as much as I can before our memories and lives have vanished.

* Overhaul the web presentation now on and, including links to complementary resources such as those on the SFZC and Berkeley ZC sites —for a more useful presentation of and access to interviews, teaching stories, lectures, comments and commentary, photos, audio, and video.

* Create a companion volume to Crooked Cucumber and another book of vignettes to follow Zen Is Right Here.

*Continue to stay in touch with those of Suzuki’s sangha, especially the isolated and lonely.

Ongoing tasks April 3012 - See Contributors for who's doing what.

*Spending tons of time preparing for the fundraising drive and fixing up for it
*Just completed getting the non profit PayPal buttons done for the Donate section.
*Get audio software at nominal price via Tech Soup through Institute for Historical Study sponsorship
*Doing a lot of going through archives and personal stuff and moving it to storage and setting up a new place to live and work in San Rafael with Katrinka, our cozy one bedroom apt.
*Redo presentation of SRL (Suzuki Roshi Lectures) separately and in one file (the best way I've found to work with them). List details of what's being done.
*Enhance audio of SRL
*Transcribe lectures and parts of lectures not yet done.
*Collect high resolution copies of the photos used in Crooked Cucumber for German republication - these will be presented on soon
*Get Brit Pyland interview transcribed

Another List of Goals

*Daily tasks for the fundraising
*Set up Facebook page for Crooked Cucumber Archives and do fundraising there (horrors)
*Finish moving archives and personal stuff out of the barn and into storage.
*Find a storage spot and ideally an office in Santa Rosa 
*Go through all the materials and organize, setting aside that for entry into digital archive
*Get material in computer organized and entered onto public digital archive (websites)
*improve and website presentation
*follow leads to discover more lost Suzuki lecture tapes
*Add lectures and Suzuki quotes from Wind Bells to the lecture archive
*Add edited versions of lectures to lecture archive on
*Add other relevant material from Wind Bells such as on and from Suzuki students
*Improve the presentation of lectures - uniform headings, notes in text (not formatted footnotes),
*complete light edits of all for ease of reading, use Geist corrected versions of earliest
*Go through, edit, enter onto disc and all interviews, notes not so done
* transcribe audio not yet done - lectures, interviews and notes
*enter this material into the digital and online archive
*digitize audio and video not yet done - interviews
*transcribe dialogue on videos
*scan material on Shunryu Suzuki from books and publications, put on cuke
*raise the money and give tech advise and do what needs to be done to get the Suzuki audio and film redigitized at highest quality from original tapes and film. This is the Suzuki archives number one physical asset and it's all owned and controlled by the SFZC but they'll do it or let it be done for sure if the money and method and labor are provided.
*enter the history of Sokoji materials, both Zen and before and after [See this]
*Do Notes on Crooked Cucumber on cuke. Have already started uploading the chapters on the left side of a two column table. The notes are to go on the right side as was done with the Annotated Afterword to Zen Mind, Beginner's Mind.
*Go to Japan - lots to do there and I can work on the archives while there.
*Need to buy some things like new digital recorder and mic

5-20-12 - Some thoughts about things to do - inspired by getting the photos from Crooked Cucumber here on cuke yesterday which caused me to realize that today's the 50th anniversary of Suzuki Roshi's Mt. Seat Ceremony to become the abbot of Sokoji in San Francisco and checking it in the Chronology of Suzuki's life. - Posted this about that and then wrote the following:

Want to add a bunch of stuff to that chronology - go through Wind Bells and do it while working on Notes on Crooked Cucumber which isn't really started yet. Plan to add a bunch of photos to the photo section and get names and info on the photos. Looking at the photo of Sokoji thought how neat it would be to get the file on it all entered on cuke - I copied the whole file on that building in the SF Public Library archive room. And then there's all the historical material at Tassajara sitting out on tables behind the office. That should all be well preserved and put on line and organized. The history of the acquisition of the SFZC centers and Greens too should be done. Architect Zach Stewart called me up one day and said that's a story that should be told. But I can't get to much of this. I want to concentrate on the lectures and people's memories of Suzuki and the times and their way-seeking mind stories. But this historical stuff is interesting, keeps containing hidden treasures, and could be a sort of basket to hold the dharma in, could help to fund the preservation of the lectures and people's stories. Maybe I should seek someone to write an NEH grant and other grants to do all this. Not me though. People frequently tell me this work would be perfect for an NEH grant. I spent a month on that a few years ago and saw that it would consume me. If it's such a sure thing then someone with the skills and inclination could write the grant and write their salary into it - and they could work on getting all this done along with our crack team of archivists and specialists. - dc

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