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Crooked Cucumber Archives
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PZI Appeal for Funds

2012 Do-it section with Goals - Support Statements - Contributors - Posts - What We're Doing and


The account for the Crooked Cucumber Archives will be administered by John Tarrant and Michael Katz.

3-20-13 - DC salary - so David Chadwick can pay rent, eat, etc. suspended indefinitely as of December 2012. See note below.

Living expenses for time spent in Texas [see Ahdel] Dec. 2012 and 2013 covered by Ahdel's estate so that the Cucumber Archives account balance has increased and is only being used to cover expenses directly related to this work such as storage, online, and computer costs.

Ideal BUDGET (which never existed)

$48,000 a year for three years

2500 a month salary to project director, David Chadwick

1500 a month expenses in account administered by John Tarrant and Michael Katz

If by some miracle we came anywhere near raising this amount of money, a lot would get done and I could spend more time doing the work and less doing other work - like fundraising and talking and writing about what we want to do instead of doing it. Even half this much would mean far more would get done much quicker.

more details to come - . regular expenses for Katrinka and me- rent, phone, car, quarters for laundry, etc

Project expenses: web and email, moving, storage, transportation, assistance, software,

Spring expenses - repay som project loans, costs of moving archives and personal stuff, sudden increase in living expense, audio work.

5-29-12 - placed the following on the Donate page

You can specify how your donation is used. Just note on your check or in a PayPal message one of the following categories:
audio work (to improve the quality of Suzuki lecture audio) up to $5000
transcribing (Suzuki lectures and interviews with his students) up to $3000
secretarial assistance (to help organize archive material) up to $3000
equipment and storage - up to $4000
online expenses - up to $1000
DC salary - so David Chadwick can pay rent, eat, etc.

Money amounts are approximate, Small amounts help a lot.

6-21-12 - None of the money donated to the CCA is being spent for the 5 day trip to Ohio or this trip to Texas. All my expenses are being covered by my mother - except for some flowers I bought her. Work continues though. I get a lot done here. - dc

Would love to get enough donations to pay for Suzuki lecture tapes and film to be digitally copied super high quality from the originals. Current digital archive was made at a medium quality level due to lack of sufficient funds from third generation copies.

David Chadwick April 2012 appeal for support.

Fiscal Sponsors: The Pacific Zen Institute and the Institute for Historical Study

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