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10-16-09 - Food day praise for Brazil and China, New Zealand and the US on the bottom - of action to meet the cry of world hunger. - Think of this fellow USAers, if you ask the average citizen of our dear land about this subject they will likely say that we're the most generous country in the world and we give too much foreign aid away and should take care of our own first. The truth is more that while we're the richest country in the world, we're the most miserly. And we don't use the savings to take care of our own - we transfer it to those who already have an excess, the rich. Yesterday I had a tour of Berlin and heard a lot about the historic struggle between the haves and the have nots, the aristocrats and the common citizens. In what was East Germany I stood before a statue of Marx and Engles whose writings aimed at helping the downtrodden had been used by other elites to dominate. Then looked up at a statue of Frederick the Great who though vicious in his military conquests, had championed freedom of speech and religion. I walked past Humboldt University where people still study and go forth to benefit humanity and make their fortunes, saw CNN on monitor and thought of power of  those who disseminate and filter information. I wondered what would become of us all, pondered what on earth should we do, and reflected on greed, hate, and delusion.

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