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 Eckhart, Nonesuch, and PZI are calling

3-14-08 - A message from Brother Lor on Opray's Eckhart Tolle classes. Here's Tolle's web site.

Meanwhile I'll be on a corner in downtown Sebastopol holding up a sign I just made advertising the event noted on the flier (click image to enlarge)  - Friday 7 to 9 A.M. & 4 to 6 P.M. and Saturday morning again. Come visit. I've got another posterboard with markers just waiting for you. It's a bit grueling cause the wind catches the poster but I figure it'll get to more people than putting up flyers.

Later in the morning - 11 to 12 - women in black and some others opposing the madness in Iraq and a few in favor (under the guise of supporting the troops to get killed and maimed and traumatized) will stand at the same spot with signs. Except for a few comments here and there though, my energy must go to Clay's school and Tarrantland - cause those are the places that I'm indebted too. Nonesuch is such a school. The kids love it. The parents love it. And John Tarrant is cuke's benefactor supreme. And he's not even in Suzuki's lineage once again prooving we're all one and everything's interconnected. But hell, I got to get out of here at six so that's enough of that.

Cause there's no time for goofing off tomorrow. After the morning holding the poster board up like a kid selling car washes,  it's back to the barn to meet volunteers to get this place ready for the Saturday reception after David Weinstein's transmission ceremony at the hands of John Tarrant. It's not even on the PZI web site but here they are. Katrinka and I will make the prep and the ceremony but will miss the reception to get to the Nonesuch event. In the wee hours Sunday morning the Nonesuch event cleanup will be over and then it's a day of rest I guess - maybe after some cleanup here.  - dc


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