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4/13/04 - THANKS - not in any special order. 

I don't say thanks enough for all the kind things people do for me and for So here's today's thanks and I could do this everyday but don't. 

Thanks to John Tarrant for the tiny correction of a name misunderstood in an interview. John wrote:

I don't know if you want nit picky copy level stuff I notice on your web site, which is very nice. If you do, Zenkei Shibayama wrote A Flower Does Not Talk. The interesting Wilkie interview has him down as Shitana

 I love to get corrections like that - also thanks to John for everything else. 

Also, thanks to Paul Shippee for corrections on his interview including the correct link to his site - see What's New - 4/08. 

While I'm at it, thanks to Liz Tuomi for transcribing the last two interviews and one to come and lots lots more in the past and lots more besides that. I don't put on the lectures that she did that though I guess I should. I think I'll put a note on the interview main page that says she's done a lot of that and mention a couple of others from the past - there, it's done. 

Also, thanks a zillion again and again to Gordon Geist in Norway who, when I put up a Suzuki Roshi lecture, always sends in an immediate corrected version with no editorial changes - just things like punctuation, misspelled names and other words, and more that I won't get into now. 

Thanks to John and Colleen Sumser for all the help and support that I won't (that's a weird contraction) specify because then others might want the same. 

Thanks to the Leidy Samson Foundation and to each of the members of the board for their generous support last year and the year before and to Dennis Samson for helping to set that up and for more.

There are some people I'm not mentioning because I think they may want to remain anonymous.

Thanks to my agent, Michael Katz without whom nothing would have happened in this realm and much more.

Thanks to all the people who write to me such interesting and encouraging notes that I almost never put down on the site anymore.

And lastly, thanks to a compassionate person in Germany for responding to the personal note of 4/09/04 on What's New. 

I should keep writing thanks - to my mother, sister, sons, exes, friends who've done so much for me and to whom I am very extremely grateful, and to those who are left out because this is all just coming off the top of my head, but no more than that for now. I'd get too gushy and I think all this stuff is taken care of in deeper ways that are much more real and satisfying and complete than the universe with all its wonders.

Love to you all,


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