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4-13-04b - A compassionate note about my personal note of 4/09/04 wherein I mentioned that I sure need help and my response. - DC:

just surfed to for the first time in months - thank you for returning! I love your book. Just a brief note that I read your 4/09/04 entry. I am writing from Berlin, Germany, but still - I wish I could help you somehow. Any ideas? My situation is not so different, but I could see what I can do. If that's not the case - please take at least these as words of gratitude and encouragement!

Best wishes for you!

(name withheld because I haven't asked permission)

DC's response:

Hi there.

That's so sweet of you to show concern.

As you can see, this computer is working so I'm pleased with that and the other couple will work if this one stops. It's just that I can't spend too much time on all this because I need to write some new stuff to get money. And I like doing that a lot - working on new stuff. And I have lots of work I want to do on music.

What I am praying for is for someone to come here and stay with me for long hours and to help me get through everything, but, alas, I fear that I have to do it all (well, most of it) myself. Lots of it is stuff that other people could do, and if I spent time writing proposals and doing fundraising I could probably come up with money for that but I don't want to spend time trying to raise money. Someone could come help me and see what I've got going and then write the proposal to raise the money to pay for themself (that's not correct English but I use "them" instead of "him or her." Anyway, that's what came to mind when I read your note.

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