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Kelly Chadwick

Spirit Pruners ------------  DC family

5-11-14 - Congratulations to Kelly Chadwick on becoming an ISA certified, a Certified Arborist, an international certification. When in Spokane, get your tree work done by Spirit Pruners.

3-15-14 - Kelly Chadwick left the wine biz last year to pursue his passion of working with trees. Check out Spirit Pruners.

Recently he sent this photo and wrote:

Hereís I am pruning an English Walnut at a fabulous farm by the border with Canada last Spring. Headed back there and two other neighboring farms next week. The area is beautiful and filled with wildlife that travels around me while working. Last year, along with many other creatures, a Sharp Shinned Hawk landed next to me with a bird in itís talons and spent a couple minutes subduing itís prey before flying off. 

Decomposition: Fungi Inspired Poems

Kelly Lives! by his mother Daya and me.

A couple of cool photos of Kelly and Kelly and Renee on this page

Kelly Chadwick with his partner of twenty years or so - Rene Roehl

Thumbnail. Kelly and DC by Raymond Rimmer. I'd guess 1986.

Kelly's nervy letter to clients and wine biz associates on why they should vote for Obama in 2008.




Kelly and I had just driven in with baby Clay from Santa Fe where we'd shaved our heads at a party of young people Kelly's age (19). July 1993. - photo by Raymond Rimmer

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