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The Third Contest!
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What do these two pictures have in common?



Of course they have a lot of things in common but you've got to guess the thing they've got in common that I, DC, have in mind.

Hints to the answer        The answer

Answers should be submitted to me, DC and if you use the email address listed on this site, dchad3(at)sonic(dot)net [add the number "2" after the dchad to get to DC directly. This avoids spam]

Relatives of management, our sponsors, and others who may have inside info are eligible to enter.  Multiple entries encouraged.

Prizes to be announced.

I think that unlike the last two contests, more than one person may get the answer to this. Especially after the hints I give later. - DC

When you enter, you will receive Document 3702b, the Standard 3rd Contest Entry Acknowledgement: Thank you for your entry into our exciting new contest. It will be submitted to our esteemed panel of judges on the day of decision which will hopefully not be too far off. Yours, DC

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